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DVD Reviews: Good Advice

The Final Say!

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Reviewed by Tory Favro
Review Date: 21 July 2003
Distributed by:
Magna Pacific
Running Time: 95 Minutes

Good Advice is the feel good comedy from Magna Pacific, starring Charlie Sheen, Angie Harmon and Denise Richards. When aspiring young stockbroker Sheen loses millions of dollars for both himself and clients when some insider trading goes bad, his girlfriend Denise Richards who plays the role of Cindy, and agony aunt for the local newspaper up and leaves him.  She's off to the sunny climes of Brazil with her new boyfriend with whom she's been having an affair for some time.

Desperate and broke, Sheen starts turning in Cindy's column to her editor played by Angie Harmon, claiming that Cindy is going to be working from home now due to illness. It's accepted and he starts turning in advice for the readers of the column with some disastrously offensive opinions and is on the verge of getting "Cindy" the sack.

With the help of his best friend (Jon Voight), Sheen starts turning out quality advice that gets readers in hook line and sinker. The paper's readership improves and he gets a new lease on life. To tell you anymore would give away a pretty predictable plot.

The performances by all involved in this movie are very solid and will make sure you are happy to sit all the way through the film without checking your watch. As mentioned the plot is very predictable and won't change the way you look at movies, however the strength of the performances keep it all together is a very nicely presented package.

Video and audio is good for this title with no real complaints at all. It's funny but this should be the case all the time with recent material however we are always grateful when it occurs even with new release titles.

The only real extra on this DVD is the behind the scenes footage and whilst it only goes for about 10 minutes, it's a very nice touch and the insights given are certainly worth it. A favourite actor of mine, Charlie Sheen talks candidly about his role in the movie as do the other actors and the fun that they had making the film is evident.

This is the sort of movie that you will watch time and time again. It's genuinely funny and is the type of feel good movie that everyone will enjoy.

Good Advice Features

  • Scene Selections

  • Trailer

  • Behind the Scenes Footage


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