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DVD Reviews: Fargo (Special Edition)

The Final Say!

Feature Score:
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Reviewed by Dean Malandrini
Review Date: 13 July 2003
Distributed by:
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Running Time: 94 Minutes

Did you hear the one about the man that couldn't get personal license plates, so he changed his name to LKZ-819; it’s this type of innocents that makes the characters in Fargo so lovable.  Even the evil characters have a nice demeanour to them and at times you even feel for them; though when a couple of the bad guys get what’s coming to them you're not really shocked by the gore or the harsh calls they make. It's a little unbelievable that such nice people can do such horrible things. 

Even thought there's a plot to kidnap a wife and collect the ransom from the rich father in-law, the accents in the movie are fantastic and at times hilarious, they are all done with the utmost respect for the inhabitants of the original owners of the accent.  All actors who needed to perform the small town accent did a fantastic job and they have managed to pull it off pretty much seamlessly. 

The story follows a middle aged man desperate for huge amounts of money to pay off his debts, that no one knows about, not even his trusted wife.  The only option he can think of to save himself is to employ two men to kidnap his wife and collect on his wife's rich father.  He makes one of the most fatal mistakes of his life, when he hires two men to kidnap his wife and collect on the ransom he doesn’t know that they have some serious mental issues and they are just a little too hard for him.  The men are a bit hasty to do away with their problems in the most delicate situations, the men 'encounter' many problems and the only way they can solve their problems is with violence and the most horrible and violating violence you can think off.  This makes for a very interesting story with a small time sweet car salesman trying to avoid the cops and still get his reward.    

At the beginning of the movie it will state that it’s a true story, the only problem is, its not.  The creators stated this for the main reason to make viewers believe a bit more in the story line and feel for the characters, but basically to help the viewers overlook a few holes in the story.  The only problem is that quite a few movie goers were looking around the North Dakota Minnesota country side looking for the buried cash, so you will find that the movie makers had to own up and tell the populous that there was no cash we made it all up. 

Extras include audio commentary, interview with the Coen brothers, trivia track which fires questions at you while you watch, and “Minnesota nice” documentary is probably the most interesting portion of the extras.  The term Minnesota nice comes from the nice culture of all the people that live in the small town and even though people are upset they still manage to be the most polite people around. 

Fantastic movie a real classic, if you have never seen it you must, not “Hey go check it out”, GO see it, it will be the movie that you will rate all your other drama movies on.

Fargo Special Edition Features

  • Theatrical trailer

  • Audio commentary

  • Featurette - Minnesota Nice

  • Production notes

  • Photo gallery

  • Animated menus

  • TV spot

  • Interviews

  • Trivia track


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