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DVD Reviews: Memento

The Final Say!

Review Score
Reviewed by Tory Favro
Review Date: 29 November 2002
Distributed by: Buena Vista

Starring Guy Pearce, Memento is the strange tale of a man's memory loss and how he goes about finding the killer of his wife.

After an accident, Leonard Shelby (Pierce) suffers from short term memory loss. If an incident occurs, then five minutes later he has forgotten it. To avoid this, he keeps a complex series of notes, photographs and crude tattoos to remind himself of friends, events and even where he lives.

Befriended by two people (Carrie-Ann Moss and Joe Pantoliano), Leonard has clues that suggest that one of them is the killer but which one? And can he remember everything in time to catch them?

I found Memento to be a fascinating movie that has been perfectly presented by director Christopher Nolan. It is the sort of film that you cannot stop watching or you will lose track of the plot. The film begins at the ending and works it's way through to the start. Been done before I hear you say. Not like this it hasn't.

Scenes are replayed constantly as Leonard struggles to remember details and his knowledge is based on notes and photos. The question being asked is how good is the information being held by the man with no memory, and the final answer at the end of the movie will absolutely floor you as you do not see it coming at any stage..

The transfer from film to DVD has been well done with little artifact present in the movie. Audio and audio syncing is good as well. The film does utilise 5.1 surround but very sparingly and if you do not have it at home, you won't miss it with this film.

At it's current budget retail price, Memento is a clever movie that is well worth adding to your collection.

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