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DVD Reviews: The Brady Bunch Movie

The Final Say!

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Reviewed by Alex Cuming
Distributed by:
Paramount Pictures
Running Time: 85 Minutes

The Brady Bunch is back for their modern rendition of an old show. The humour is the same the actors are different and the quality is about the same.  Same corny gags are evident throughout although there are some funny moments. Is it worth watching? well read on and decide for yourself. 

The story is about as you may have collected the famous family trying to hold onto their house.  The next door family the Dipmires are scheming to get their house sold. Their motive to demolish the whole street and put in some new developments. The rest of the street are keen to sell but have been conned by the Dipmires to agree on this matter. The Brady’s are not so easily swayed however because of the sentimental value bestowed on the house. The hitch for the Brady’s is that they have to pay the council Land tax so they can keep the house. Secretly the kids find out and they all come up with ways to help. There are some other side stories as well with Jen becoming jealous of her older sister Marcia getting all the attention.  This sends the Jen a little crazy and even the school shrink can’t help. Whilst this is happening, each of the kids have a dilemma with personal issues which is all done with the idea of young viewers identifying with the film and hopefully resolving their’s too. So will the Brady’s find a way to save their house or will it be sold to the lowest bidder to make way for “Progress”. 

With some amusing adult themes such as the odd comment with sexual connotations, this film at times can be amusing.  A shame a lot of the humour is so, well forced. It makes the viewer think of the nightmare faced by the director to get everyone to experience the full range of emotions throughout each scene. I could imagine the director going “okay everyone smile like you're having fun!” then perhaps “Ok act like you had your worst nightmare” and so on and so forth.  Certainly a challenge for the creators. 

The transition of the show to film has been done “alright” but fans of the show would love it. Youngsters will be able to relate to it and some of the moral shaping of the film is interesting.  This is everyone’s perfect idea of a family and to the movies credit it will appease youngsters a great deal. The acting is at times not so good especially at the beginning unless the Brady Bunch is your life. 

An entrance by the original Mrs Brady makes an appearance as well as Alice being the same old Alice.  The rest of the family is similar to the original and the basic concept is replicated well.  The script is the same as the acting and is no showstopper but this is the Brady Bunch and I am sure fans would love it.

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