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DVD Reviews: John Wayne Big Westerns Collection: The Comancheros

The Final Say!

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Reviewed by Alex Cuming
Review Date: 28 May 2003
Distributed by:
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

John Wayne and his son Patrick star in the Comancheros.  An old Western movie that fans of the genre would enjoy.  This reviewer however has seen very little of these films and judgement is obscured by the fact that they have never grabbed my attention.  The last one I watched was enjoyed however, this being the famous High Noon.  We analysed it at school and it was great fun.  This however is not as involved or deep enough to really ensnare the interest of this reviewer.  It does have some action scenes throughout and the punch-ons are fairly convincing but the film industry has evolved onto better things of late. 

The story is that Captain Cutter (John Wayne) is hired to infiltrate a violent gang of gunrunners.  He goes by a false identity and enlists some help in his journey.  John Regret (Stuart Whitman) is the unlikely extra hand who along with his romantic interest heed to the challenge of helping Cutter.  They end up at the camp and are immediately put on trial and it is not without the help of a beautiful woman, that they make a difference. 

The story has alliances with Apocalypse now in the respect that John Wayne is going by false identity into a violent community run by an invalid.  The whole cowboys and Indians thing is very dated now.  The stunts are nothing to write home about.  A lot of it is falling off hoses and guns going off, it is all an old concept.  In this age of computer CGI’s and spectacular fight scenes eg The Matrix.  I can’t see why anyone would like to watch these films to be absolutely honest.  Sure our fathers would probably love it. John Wayne is a very well known actor and there are a few familiar faces.  The people starring in these movies are very handsome people especially the women.  Stuart Whitman starred in another film that was much better “The Guns of Navarone” which I would recommend to anyone. 

Also the acting is outdated by the sharper and cleaner acting we see in films today. The acting seen in this film is very old fashioned.  Something the younger generation will not relate to.  The role models that this Hollywood past production aspires to create will not be something that anyone growing up on the witty and sharp pop culture we have today. 

Overall I am afraid if you have not seen any westerns but are curious about it watch High Noon and not this series.  These westerns are not up to date with the culture of today.  If you want to watch something like this it is better to switch on the TV in the middle of the day to watch a matinee with Marilyn Monroe.

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