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DVD Reviews: Dr. Who: The Aztecs

The Final Say!

Review Score

Reviewed by Dean Malandrini
Distributed by:
Roadshow Entertainment
Running Time: 200 Minutes

Dr Who: The Aztecs, first thing I have to say about this DVD is itís a bit wonky and for those of you out there who donít know what Iím talking about, it buzzes and wobbles at the start making a terrible noise all the way through. Iím not sure if itís the copy I got, but it does it in both the DVD player and my DVD-ROM. 

I enjoyed this DVD even though itís older than I am, these episodes were created in the time that William Hartnell was playing Dr Who (1963-66).  At some points in the movie you can tell that the scenes in the back ground were just blurry back drops that had been around the block a few times.  But back in those days I guess they didnít really have much to work with, but it does add to the effect of the movie and its appeal. 

Sound and picture quality isnít really that good but if you check out the extras ďRestoring the AztecsĒ you can see all the work they had to put into it to get the picture to come out clearly, a real good job on the DVD transfer.  Looking at what they had to work with itís actually amazing as to what they have accomplished, some scenes you can actually see how theyíve filled in the edges of the scenes and back drops and the amount of actual picture correction and sound enhancement that would have had to be done by hand is fantastic, if youíve never seen a Dr Who this old you should, and if you can still remember the old episodes you should check them out now, what a quality increase. 

The story is all about Dr Whoís adventures in The Tardis,  his machine can transfer them anywhere in time and space the story starts off with two young women entering a tomb, this is where Dr Who lands the Tardis.  They enter the tomb determining that they are in the land of the ancient Aztecs, as once women disappears out through a secret entrance/exit the other three follow.  Only to find that Barbara has been mistaken for a god and Dr Who and his other two companions as her servants.  The high priest finding complete faith in his returned god now finds himself in the middle of a power struggle between the new god Yetaxa (Barbara) and the high priest of sacrifice.   

After Barbara orders the sacrificing to stop, the high priest of the art is offended and is from there goes on a war path to prove that Yetaxa is a false god.  Though Barbara is ordered not to interfere with history by Dr Who she tries her very best, and so begins a struggle for power and the love of the people. This is a cool show even though itís a bit old and thereís not much action, though itís still a good story line. 

After watching what they had to work with itís amazing what they can do these days. Not bad for an old movie, not exciting but still good to watch if youíve never seen anything from this era of theatre.

Doctor Who: The Aztecs Features

  • Commentary by Verity Lambert OBE, William Russell, Carole Ann Ford
  • Remembering the Aztecs. A newly recorded documentary featuring John Ringham, Walter Randall and Ian Cullen
  • Designing the Aztecs. An exclusive interview with set designer Barry Newbery
  • The Story of Cortez & Montezuma
  • Restoring the Aztecs
  • Arabic Soundtrack
  • Making Cocoa
  • Photo Gallery


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