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DVD Reviews: NYPD Blue Season 1

The Final Say!

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Reviewed by Tory Favro
Review Date: 27 June 2003
Distributed by:
Fox Home Entertainment

Upon completion of reviewing every single last episode on this boxed set, I only have one thing to say.. where is the second season and why am I still waiting for it?

The Blue chronicles the personal and professional lives of the detectives in the 15th squad. These members of New York's finest are brilliantly portrayed by an award winning cast. The main story although showing the exploits of the entire cast, mainly deals with the case load and personal lives of detectives Kelly and Sipowicz. 

There are 22 riveting episodes in this 6 disc set, and all of them are absolutely fantastic. The thing that was revolutionary about this show was that it was the true precursor to many of the cop "dramas" that are currently on the box. The whole time you are watching the show you just don't question what you are seeing is anything other than real life. There is a gritty realism to the show that is endearing and at the same time gives you a taste of life on the streets as a New York Police Detective.

Here is a list of the treats in store for lucky viewers.

Episode titles: Pilot, 4B Or Not 4B, Brown Appetit, True Confession, Emission Accomplished, Personal Foul, NYPD Lou, Tempest In A C-Cup, Ice Follies, Oscar Myer Weiner, From Hare To Eternity, Up On A Roof, Abandoned Abandando, Jumpin' Jack Fleischman, Steroid Roy, A Sudden Fish, Black Men Can Jump, Zeppo Marks Brothers, Serge The Concierge, Good Time Charlie, Guns 'N Rosaries, Rockin' Robin Finale.

NYPD Blue changed the way I looked at cop shows when I first got into the series back in Season 3. It was unlike anything on television in it's time and paved the way for many of the police dramas that now grace our screens. Uniquely giving us an overall view of the life of the folks who live and work within the walls of 15 squad, the Blue dared to take us home with these cops and see more than the life in the station house. It also didn't turn away from unpleasant subject matter, forcing you to look at life on the mean streets of New York and the everyday people affected by crime. I fell in love with the show almost instantly.

ln reviewing a full season such as this it's hard to think of a way to comprehensively cover it all and do both the series and the 20th Century Fox due justice for providing the entertainment. A show of this nature is absolutely riveting and watching the entire season was done in a matter of days as it was impossible to stop viewing once I had begun. Combine this with the fact that there is a audio commentary for an episode per disc, making six commentaries in total giving a wealth of insights into each from both cast and crew.

The fact that this series has a number of years behind it speaks wonders for the transfer to DVD. There is only very slight faults to it that are only noticeable on two occasions for a very short period of time that are practically unnoticeable. Audio also is great, utilising for the most part the front channels for dialogue and ambient sound coming through the surround channels. It was crisp and clear and lovely to listen to.

NYPD Blue Season One is a must have for fans of the series and anyone who likes a top police drama. The 'Blue started a new realistic trend in these shows and still shines out the brightest after all this time. Absolute Highest Recommendation!

NYPD Blue Season One Features

  • Audio Commentaries

  • Making of Season One

  • Love on NYPD Blue

  • Cast Blotter

  • Pilot Script to Screen Comparisons

  • Cast & Crew Bios


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