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DVD Reviews:  Waydowntown

The Final Say!

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Reviewed by Tory Favro
Distributed by:
The AV Channel
Running Time: 83 Minutes

Imagine a bet if you will to see who is the last among you who will venture outside and breath fresh air and feel the sun on their face. Does it sound easy? I don't think it would be even for the most dedicated of nerds like myself.

Waydowntown explores that very topic, a bet that four coworkers take that they cannot venture outside at all and the last person to remain indoors wins their fellow conspirators month's pay. A hell of a proposition to say the least. Our stars in this feature are up to day 24 and the tensions are beginning to show.

Our main character is Tom who is played by the talented young actor Fabrizio Filippo. Tom is a trainee in the building and is caught up with the idea that Calgary's Central Business District is being protected by a caped superhero and is pretty much over his job, although he's onl been there for five months. Our other main player is Sandra who is convinced that she is going crazy breathing in the recirculated air (an idea put into her head by Tom).

The entire city is interlinked with walkways and tunnels and the characters can literally make their way from their apartments to work without taking a step outside. It's the way that this has a profound affect on the psyche that is explored with the whole shebang coming to a crashing halt during the course of the lunch hour of day 24.

I can't recommend this flick highly enough with a tightly written script and some great acting by young and upcoming actors. Make sure you get it on your next trip to the DVD shop for something truly unique and different.


The disc is shown in full frame 4:3 original ratio with an oversaturated effect used throughout the picture that really makes the complex in Calgary seem to close in on you and is exactly the way I would imagine you'd feel after being indoors for 24 days, looking through windows at the world that you had chosen not to enter.


2.0 Dolby Digital was used for the feature and I really felt that it would have been even better to utilise a 5.1 mix to enhance the feeling that things are just  a little too much for the participants of the bet.

The soundtrack however is crystal clear and a pleasure to listen to.


There are a number of interviews here that really do little to explain much about the film. They almost seem an afterthought to the main feature itself and no great insights are given. Also tacked onto the extras are a look behind the scenes at what happens when a sequence is filmed. There is no accompanying audio, you just get a look over the shoulder at the process.

Waydowntown Features

  • Interviews with cast and crew

  • Behind the Scenes

  • Theatrical Trailer


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