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DVD Reviews: The Grudge                            Genre: World Movies: Japanese: Horror

The Final Say!

Review Score
Reviewed by Tory Favro
Review Date: July 2004
Distributed by:
The AV Channel
Running Time: 90 mins





This was a super flick that was as creepy as hell. Imagine a house cursed by the anger of those who wrongly died whilst living in there. It's hard to get into the story line without giving stuff away but for those who have enjoyed my reviews in the past you are just going to have to take my word for it. I'll cover what I can but will not wreck anything for you. 

By the time that some horror fans get around to this movie, they will have realised that once again Hollywood has decided to do their own version of a Japanese horror film, in this case starring Sarah Michelle Gellar of Buffy fame. Well this one is certainly not the Hollywood one. It's in your face scary almost from start to finish with very little let up along the way. 

Basically the story is this: there is a house that is full of anger from the victims of a murder. They present themselves as ghastly ghouls that make the most bone jarring noise when they make themselves visible, scaring those who see them quite literally to death. The evil that is The Grudge is such that once you enter the house, you take the curse with you if you are lucky enough to leave alive!

The film appears really disjointed at some points and it's been argued that for the whole that it doesn't really make sense. However you need to take the time to remember that all the different stories revolve around the house, they are not truly interconnected in their own right. It's best to treat the house as the story itself, the spirits in the story as a part of that and all the rest as branches of the greater tale. Imagine if you will a whirlwind of tales gradually spinning around to all fit together into this one really freaky plot.

As the movie progresses, the pace also picks up, along with the amount of frights you seem to experience every few minutes. Wait until the final fifteen to twenty minutes of the film to see what I mean. It's also in these last few moments that you will also see why the Japanese are so good at scary movies.

Once again the Japanese show us that they know how to scare us senseless with this great story. Co created by one of the writers of the Japanese (and original) version of The Ring, Takahashi Hiroshi, one of the most disturbing parts of this tale is that in what can be classed as a very different approach, most of the really scary parts of the movie actually take place in the light of day or well lit conditions, as opposed to your traditional horror which normally relies on the dark and shadow. The Grudge thrusts the terror into clear sight and revels in it! 

I highly recommend this title to all horror fans as a movie that is very cleverly done with a good method of joining together different plot points in order to create a cohesive tale that will keep you up at night. Guaranteed to have you looking over your shoulder!


16:9 video, the actual transfer itself does present with some problems however not enough to hurt your enjoyment of the movie, there is a bit of grain present throughout and in some of the final stages of the film there are problems with aliasing briefly on a window ledge.


5.1 Japanese audio. The audio on this title is what makes it even more frightening with the guttural sounds of the spirits being one of the most disturbing I have heard in ages. Add to that, the sound the young boy Toshio makes and you have a recipe for some serious frights.


There is only a trailer on this disc for other Eastern Eye titles. Worth the watch so you know what to buy next.


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