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DVD Reviews: Mullet


The Final Say!

Review Score
Reviewed by Tory Favro
Review Date: 20 February 2003
Distributed by:
The AV Channel
Running Time: 89 Minutes

Mullet is the story of Eddie who after three years of being away from home, family and friends has decided to return out of the blue. With mixed reactions Eddie, slowly makes his way back into the circle of friends that he left behind.

His re-entry is made slightly difficult due to the small town he lives in and also to the fact that more than one lady was left behind without a word why or where Eddie went. Rumours and speculation are all that exist as to where he went.

To make matters worse, his ex girlfriend has married his brother and still has feelings for Eddie. There are so many relationship related twists and turns that it'll make your head spin. It's the sort of movie that makes for fascinating viewing but at the same time there is a certain amount of cringe worthiness to some of the scenes as well.

The title does wheel about and give you the feeling that there is no true direction for a lot of the film until it all hits you in the face at the end of the film when a barbecue unleashes a lot of unspoken tensions, but also helps the main characters to resolve a lot of issues.

Mullet does have an ending, albeit a bit open ended, but after all that's what life is, isn't it?

As far as being on DVD, that's where this disc shines and scores it higher than I would have scored the movie by itself. This is a sure fire example of how good DVD can be and why it is the superior format over VHS. Both audio and video will knock your socks off and the sheer wealth of extras ensure that this disc will be a noted part of any DVD enthusiasts' collection.

Mullet Features

  • Filmmakers Commentary
  • 10 Deleted Scenes
  • Short Film
  • Story Boards
  • On Location
  • Production Design
  • Original Music
  • Music Video
  • Trailers
  • Cinematography
  • Biographies
  • Soundtrack CD Promo
  • Quote Bank
  • Production Stills
  • Motion Menus


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