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DVD Reviews: Godsend                                                                   Genre: Horror/Thriller

The Final Say!

Review Score
Reviewed by Tory Favro
Review Date: October 2004
Distributed by:





I really liked this film, it was well put together and combined a controversial theme with a riveting storyline that will freak you out and have you on the edge of your seat right up till the very end.

This is the tale of Paul and Jessie Duncan and their beloved son Adam who is eight years old. The victim of circumstances gone horribly wrong, young Adam is killed in an accident and the bereft couple are grieving and trying to pick up the pieces. Jessie has been told that she can no longer conceive, further compounding the tragedy that they'll never have another child again.

Imagine when approached by a genetic scientist Dr Wells that with a cell from Adam, he can give them back the son that they lost on one condition; they leave their home and everything they know and move very far away and never come back. Despite the legalities surrounding human cloning, the couple, anxious to get their child back agree and all goes well until young Adam has his eighth birthday and starts to have a series of horrific nightmares and all of a sudden the tranquility of the Duncan's surroundings is shattered when they found that all in not as it seems.

That's a general overview and I can assure you that you will not believe what happens during the film, it's that compelling to watch. Add to that some very scary nightmare footage and you know that you are on the track to something pretty amazing.

The plot is really well paced and at no stage do you get the impression that it's going to slow down at all. The actors deliver very convincing performances and the characterisation of young Adam is positively chilling.

The video and audio for this film are clear and concise and do justice to the overall creepiness of the movie. When you watch the nightmare scenes you certainly get an appreciation of the art that went into play to get the right degree. The use of a small town setting plays well in upping the ante in terms of a small town hiding a big secret very well, even though they are none the wiser as to Adam's origins.

Extras abound on the film however the one that stands out the most in my books is all the alternate endings. Make sure you check them all out as there are some real surprises there as you can see the finishes that they were playing with and you make the decision whether they made the right one or not. I think they did, though it did leave itself open to questions.

There is also a comprehensive commentary that is entertaining and gives an insight as to the film making process and a theatrical trailer.

This is the sort of movie to watch at night with a large tub of popcorn and scare yourself silly. Recommended.

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