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DVD Reviews: Taffin

The Final Say!

Review Score
Reviewed by Alex Gowan
Review Date: 10 January 2003
Distributed by: Magna Pacific
Running Time: 93 Minutes

Welcome to the world of Mark Taffin (Pierce Brosnan).  A hard nosed, suave, intelligent debt collector.  You would not want to miss your phone bill with this guy on your tail.  And I do not mean just a simple disconnection either.  This man is tough, relentless and violent.  Kind of like a shady James Bond.  Which we would all recognise the main character from.

Taffin is the town's debt collecting, hitman, more or less.  Mark starts out as just that until he is assigned the task of trying to bend the decision made by corrupt businessman to build a chemical plant in an old Irish town.  The local community who hired Taffin to handle this job are outraged and have to resort to violence to clear up the matter.  The council where these so-called businessmen are part of, will not listen to the town’s public opinion.  It all reveals itself that these businessmen have hired “roughies” to silence the town’s voice and it is through Taffin's assistance that they get even.  The bureaucratic mess entangles itself and Mark find's himself right in the centre of it all.

A movie of this kind would be lacking life if there was not a romance theme attached to it.  Luckily Brosnan, Pierce Brosnan is not lacking in this department.  Taffin meets a beautiful woman Charlotte (Alison Doody) in a bar doing one of his torture errands.  She asks for a “lift” from Mark and he takes her home for the steamy inevitable.  Without a doubt Alison is the star of the show and is quite a good actress to booty, err I mean to boot.  

The way that Taffin proceeds to do his duty is intriguing and will have the audience guessing what is going to happen next.  This reviewer did enjoy this movie and it is recommended to anyone with an interest in non-Hollywood cinema.  The thought provoking approach and execution is done well and will keep you entranced till the last minute.


Taffin Features

  • Scene Selection


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