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DVD Reviews:  The Turning

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The Final Say!

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Reviewed by Yianni Pak
Distributed by:
Universal Pictures
Running Time: 88 Minutes

From what I can ascertain, The Turning is attempting to explore such issues as changing relationships, bigotry, and the importance of family values. Noble subject matter, to be sure, but unfortunately when a film is rendered as disjointedly boring as this one not many people are going to stick it out anyway. 

Clifford is a young flannel-shirt-wearing redneck who returns to his hometown after two years away. After visiting his former girlfriend (and being chased off by her angry father) he stops in on his alcoholic, chain-smoking mother, who is due to divorce his father the following day. Mistakenly believing that he will be able to reunite his estranged parents, Clifford sets about attempting to convince them to get back together. 

His parents are far less receptive of this idea than Clifford expects, and his methods of marriage counselling are unorthodox, to say the least. We learn that Cliff is a ďformerĒ nazi and member of the Ku Klux Klan, and something of a psychopath. 

Will Cliff succeed in reuniting his parents? Will he go even more postal and kill everyone involved in the situation? Will he ever display more than two facial expressions? Who the hell cares, this movie is badly directed, poorly edited, woodenly acted, and presented on a rushed and shoddy DVD. The video quality is pretty appalling, itís incredibly grainy and looks as though absolutely no effort has been made to restore it at all, or even find a decent print in the first place. The music is one of the most annoying scores in the history of cinema (with the possible exception of 80ís classic Teen Wolf, which sounded like it was performed entirely with a Casio keyboard). I really cannot think of a single reason for anyone to want to watch this film. Oh wait, bearded and obsessive X-Files fans may rush out and buy this when they hear that Gillian Andersonís breasts make a brief appearance. But when thatís the most appealing aspect of a movie, itís really probably not worth watching in the first place. And such is the case with The Turning. 

Oh yeah, and there are no extras. Not that anyone in the English-speaking world is likely to care. Avoid.


The Turning Features

  • None Son!


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