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DVD Reviews: X-Files Season 7 Boxed Set

The Final Say!

Review Score
Reviewed by Andrew B
Review Date: October 2003
Distributed by: Fox
Running Time: N/A





Season 7 of the X-Files boxed set offers long time viewers the answers they have been looking since this awesome television show started so many years ago. Although many questions are finally answered in season 7 of the X-Files, the writers create a dozen new mysterious that will keep fans begging for more. Our two favourite FBI agents have returned that include the dark and brooding Fox Mulder (played David Duchovny which will be the last time he appears as a full-time star in the show) and the highly intelligent and sexy Dana Scully who is played by the talented Gillian Anderson.

Season 7 of the X-Files starts with a two-part episode entitled "The Sixth Extinction" that is a continuation from the cliff-hanger from the previous season, where Dana Scully discovers an alien spacecraft that crash landed in Africa hundreds of years ago. The existence of the spacecraft not only proves to Scully that alien beings exist but may also reveal the very origin of mankind itself. Scully soon discovers that the black government is also interested in this discovery and a deadly game of cat and mouse soon begins that not only threatens Scully herself but also Mulder who is suffering from an incurable disease in the United States.

The beauty of Season 7 of the X-Files is that many of the episodes are actually standalone episodes so there is no need to have been watching the X-Files from day one. Probably one of the most entertaining episodes of this current season is the episode that is entitled "Millennium" and is a crossover episode with the excellent but short lived series called Millennium that starred Lance Henriksen. As with all good boxed sets, you must take the good with the bad and one episode entitled "X-Cops" actually draws Fox Mulder into a first person shooter game. Although the episode is quite literally bad... it is actually quite funny. The last episode of the X-Files opens up a barrelful of new questions and also makes way for a new FBI agent.

The video quality of X-Files season 7 is phenomenal and is shown in 1.78:1 widescreen. The reason why the picture quality of the X-Files is so nice is that all the episodes were filmed with industrial movie cameras to help give the show that "movie" look. The image quality is extremely sharp, clear and although it is a dark series, the colours are also bright and consistent.

The audio quality of disc features Dolby Digital and certain episodes (Requiem & X-Cop) sound amazing through the right home theatre entertainment setup. The audio dialog is extremely clear and audible and match that with some brilliant sound effects and the beautiful musical score of Mark Show and you have a match made in X-File heaven.

Extras extras extras! Season 7 of the X-Files is virtually littered with extras and I wish more 20th Century Fox DVD sets featured as many extras as this. The package contains an excellent documentary entitled "The Truth About Season Seven", 10 deleted scenes, various episode commentaries by Chris Carter, Gillian Anderson  and Vince Gilligan, 13 special effect sequences, a plethora of TV spots, international clips, DVD-ROM content and a preview of the new PlayStation 2 game.

I would highly recommend the X-Files Season 7 boxed set to any X-Files fan or for those science fiction buffs that love an alien conspiracy in their diets. With a Hollywood-type budget, the X-Files was one of the most professional shows ever made on television and this collection will guarantee that you watch it over and over again! Highly Recommended!

Episode listing

Disc 1:


The Sixth Extinction
The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati


Disc 2:

The Goldberg Variation
The Amazing Maleeni


Disc 3:

Signs & Wonders
Sein Und Zeit (1)
Closure (2)


Disc 4:

First Person Shooter
En Ami


Disc 5:

All Things
Brand X
Hollywood A.D.
Fight Club


Disc 6:

Je Souhaite

Special Features

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