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DVD Reviews:  Dances with Wolves Collectors Edition

The Final Say!

Feature Score:
DVD Extras Score

Reviewed by Tory Favro
Distributed by:
Magna Pacific
Running Time: 227 Minutes

I reckon that most people have seen this movie and this two disc collector’s edition is a good way to fully do it justice. Filmed back when Kevin Costner was extremely popular, he plays the part of John Dunbar, a lieutenant in the Union during the Civil War. Regarded as a hero by his troops after an accident, to avoid publicity and attention he gets posted to the West but finds the post deserted. Too far from civilization to return without perishing, he must find a way to live with the Sioux Indians who have an encampment out in the wilderness. 

As the whites slowly take over the United States, they approach Dunbar’s now adopted people, the Sioux. A moral and ethical dilemma ensues as he has made a life with the Indians that is ultimately more enriching that anything he could have ever hoped for. 

The sheer power of this story is enriching enough of itself, but the story has been done full justice with the addition of the second DVD. The running time of this movie is a massive 227 minutes long and I was thrilled to find that there was a commentary included by Kevin Costner who also directed this epic and co-conspirator and producer Jim Wilson. Followed up by that is another (not as interesting) commentary by Director of Photography Dean Semler and Editor Neil Travis.

There were some complaints about earlier prints of this film with less than satisfactory transfers over to DVD, however for the most part there was very little to complain about when watching the feature. I observed a little bit of aliasing in the start of the film and in the wheat fields, the rest of the title was satisfactory. Audio was also satisfactory with a nice mix although nothing ever really shone to make it stand out.

If you haven't seen this movie, it's a genuine recommendation that you take the time out to have a look. A brilliantly crafted tale that does show Costner at his best.

Dances with Wolves Collectors Edition Features

  • Audio Commentary by Director Kevin Costner and Producer Jim Wilson

  • Audio Commentary by Director of Photography Dean Semler and Editor Neil Travis


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