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DVD Reviews: Flesh and Bone

The Final Say!

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Reviewed by Alex Cuming
Distributed by:
Paramount Pictures
Running Time:

This psychological thriller starring Meg Ryan, Gwyneth Paltrow and Dennis Quaid is a serious analytical study into the people we fear most. Natural Born killers, and the psychological thrill of seeing these inane characters at their worst.  A son who is set on changing his inherited nature and rebels against his fathers will to become something like him. 

Alias is brought up by one of the most horrific nightmare of a father who we first see at the very beginning doing away with a whole family just to get their valuables. Alias was sent on an “errand” as you may say and called in to a home in Vincent County.  He sat outside and waited to be invited in by the family.  Lurking in the shadows Alias was invited into the home where his father was about to rain hell.  After this event Alias becomes a slot machine vendor and enjoys the routine and regularity of his life, something he has become accustomed to. 

Far from the world of crime and his murdering father Alias tries to live a quiet life out of trouble.  Soon all this will change and Alias is to meet Kaye (Meg Ryan) who is a tough character whom he happened to stumble across on one of his trips abroad.  She tags along and eventually Alias realises that she is a part of his not so rosy past.  The secret that he holds is something that is “better off left unsaid (Alias)” and the closed character of Alias is something of a statement and lesson to be learnt by all.   

With a rather slow and intense atmosphere the film is not as good as it sounds.  The acting is fine and the subject matter is interesting but a lot of the film’s dialogue is hard to hear even with sound turned up.  The film also stars Gwyneth Paltrow whose role is a very interesting and darkly amusing.  Some of the Black humour and one liners are poignant and at rather seldom times amusing. 

This psychological thriller is not a predictable film, which would mean the viewer could only guess at what is to happen next.  Strength in the plot marred with the fact that the film is only directed towards the analytical.  This is both a positive factor as this is an intelligent portrayal of the darker kind of character of a killer and his son.  On the other end it will go without conjecture and will not be enjoyed for it’s worth.  Overall Flesh and Bone is an interesting film, which is both unequivocal and direct in delivery.  The interaction between the two main characters Alias and Kaye is a subtle bond which unravels as a dark profound relationship where the truth seems to always keep them apart.

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