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DVD Reviews: Final Destination 2

The Final Say!

Review Score
Reviewed by Andrew B
Review Date: 21 August 2003
Distributed by: Roadshow Home Entertainment






Final Destination 2 is a light-hearted horror movie that is based on the original movie, Final Destination. As with the previous cinema masterpiece, the main villain in this movie is Death itself that only shows itself to the viewer through acts of fate. Although I've never seen the original movie (apparently quite entertaining and grisly), the sequel recaps the previous story by being set exactly one year since the events of the crash of flight 180. After a teenagers premonitions saved himself and his friends from boarding a doomed aircraft, Death was not going to ignore his bounty of human souls and proceeded to kill the survivors of flight 180 in extremely grisly ways so the balance was kept.

This time around, a teenage girl called Kimberly (A.J. Cook) is plagued by premonitions and after witnessing a horrific highway pile-up, she not only saves herself but also a group of seven other people. But unfortunately for these newly rescued souls, Death has other plans on his agenda and skilfully eliminates each survivor, one by one. Kimberly refuses to play Death's game and searches for one of the survivors of flight 180 (played by Ali Larter) who has committed herself into a metal asylum to protect herself from Death. Working together, the survivors of Route 23 attempt to change their fates but as the old pop-proverb goes "When your numbers up, your numbers up!".

Final Destination 2 is an extremely well made horror movie that will have you squirming in your chairs from the brutality of the way Death stalks its victims. The apocalyptic pile-up at the start of the movie is easily one of the most gruesome car accidents to have ever graced a movie of modern cinema. Fortunately, the movie is just  not about the horror and special effects as every actor is suited perfectly for their role. Final Destination 2 is an entertaining modern-day horror movie that would be perfect for a Saturday night viewing.

Final Destination 2 contains a variety of Special Features that contains some very interesting documentaries that goes beyond the movie, film maker commentaries and some great deleted and alternate scenes from the movie. On a side note, the menu system of Final Destination 2 is quite creepy and really helps set the atmosphere of this scary movie.

The video quality of Final Destination 2 is flawless and the picture quality is extremely sharp with no video or artefacting flaws whatsoever. It should also be noted that the colours of this movie are vibrant and full of ambience that really helps portray the way Death sets up his victims. The audio quality of the movie is also on par with the video quality and is crystal clear that supports not only Dolby Digital EX 5.1 but also DTS ES 6.1

Final Destination 2 didn't win any Academy Awards but it is a very good pop corn movie that will glue you to the television screen from start to finish. If you like horror movies, than I would recommend this DVD to you but if you get squeamish at the sight of blood... best steer clear of this movie.

- Andrew B

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