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DVD Reviews: Gigli

The Final Say!

Review Score
Reviewed by Adam Dumicich
Review Date: 2 May 2004
Distributed by: Columbia Tristar
Running Time:
116 minutes





Larry Gigli and Ricki are two thugs for hire (Affleck and Lopez) who are put in charge of the kidnapping of the mentally challenged brother (Brian, play by Justin Bartha) of a federal agent. After Gigli starts falling for Ricki (who is unfortunately for him a lesbian) and starts caring for Brian he changes from a lowly heartless thug into something close to a human being, something which could be trouble, especially considering his line of work.

This is the much talked about, and always bagged movie that was to make millions simply because of that fact that at the time Ben and Jennifer were dating. It was thought to be a sure hit, which is obviously why not much thought went into it, and unfortunately it didn't pay off.

With Martin Brest as writer, producer and director, there was bound to be problems, if only because of the fact that with one man in charge of everything it's bound to be biased to his desires. From what I can tell, that is also were the whole problem stems from in Gigli. The acting in the movie ain't that bad, and with Christopher Walken and Al Pacino as supporting cast, you wouldn't expect bad performances. The characters are just a bit too fake to be real, and as we've seen from all the cast in other movies, they are capable of better.

The story isn't the problem with the movie, it's the script, and the directing, both are woeful, and I have a feeling Martin Brest won't be doing much in the next few years. It's a real shame, because after watching this you can see how much better it could easily have been. The first 30 odd minutes are especially terrible (so much so that you could probably skip them entirely and enjoy the movie more). As for whether you should bother watching it or not, well if you are after a movie you can put on and watch without having to think about anything, well it's not bad for that, just don't go into it expecting too much.


For a movie made just one year ago the picture isn't as good as you'd expect. There is some serious edge enhancement at points which just shouldn't be necessary for something so recent. Other than that everything looks, well, new. The colour reproduction is more than adequate, but the shadows do seem to lack some depth and definition.


Again, for a movie this recent it's about what you can normally expect. 5.1 Dolby Digital, with most of the sound however coming from the centre channel (as the movie's generally dialog). Everything's fairly clear though, if a little on the quiet side.



All you get is some trailers to watch, and there's nothing special about them either. Although you may well want to have a look at what else you could have been watching instead.

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