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DVD Reviews: WWF Funniest Moments

The Final Say!

Review Score
Reviewed by Tory Favro
Review Date: 20 August 2002
Distributed by: Shock

Being a wrestling fan from way back I was delighted to review the WWF: Funniest Moments DVD. Running for one hour, this disc covers some of the most memorable moments covered in the ever popular sports entertainment industry.


Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1 Fullscreen
Transfer Format: 4:3
Category: Wrestling
Region: 4
Year: 2002
Distributor: Shock
Languages: English
Subtitles: None
Running Time: 60 mins


The DVD covers some extremely funny moments including for you Mick Foley (Mankind) fans, the birth of Mr. Socko. There is also another moment that was brilliant to watch and that was The Rock losing his voice whilst screaming at Mankind. The moment is so priceless that Mankind openly laughs at The Rock as he loses his voice time and time again.

There is some nice vintage footage of Vince McMahon and the Butcher which should appeal to older fans of wrestling. Also a scene featuring Debra's Pie which is certain to give a smile.

The DVD plays well and looks and sounds fine. The only thing that I would make comment on is that this disc is probably only suitable for the hardcore fan as some of the footage contains wrestlers that the casual observer would not have a clue who they are. There are some nice Steve Austin gags and also Degeneration X hit the streets and press the flesh.

The DVD does not contain a real menu other than the ability to skip from one topic to another. The gags are categorised and it's possible to go straight to that section. I think that the general interface could have done with just a bit more love. This is what prevented this disc from scoring higher.

I enjoyed this DVD and would recommend it to fans of wrestling. For the curious, I would suggest possibly renting it first as you may not wish to watch it again.

- Tory Favro

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