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DVD Reviews: Ring 2


The Final Say!

Review Score
Reviewed by Alex Gowan
Review Date: 15 February 2003
Distributed by:
The AV Channel
Running Time: 95 Minutes

It is not frequent that a sequel surpasses the original in terms of terror and plot.  That is exactly what this film achieves with more drama suspense and morbidity.  In case you have not heard of this series, this is a continuation of the novel written by Japanese author Suzuki Koji (Kadakawa) by the same name. 

This sequel delves deeper into the world of Sadako and the motives behind why people keep on dying one week after seeing the dreaded video that seems to transfer its spirit into the viewer, tormenting them until their ultimate demise.  That is if they don’t show it to anybody else, in which case diffusing the curse. 

Journalist Mai Takano is on a mission to investigate the mystery behind the videotape.  The more she uncovers the more entwined she gets in the evil powers of the terrifying Sadako.  The woman who was murdered by her father and pushed into a well some thirty-two years ago.  The anger of such a betrayal has manifested itself into a living entity and infected the lives of all who stumble in her path.  That path being either those who knew her before she died or those foolish enough to view her tape. 

Ring 2 has everything that any horror buff could wish for.  An evil indestructible force and a feeling of dread unrivalled by many films in this genre. 

There are many great scenes in this film and will NOT disappoint horror fans.  Whatever subconsciously you wanted to see in the original are all here in their wonderful terrifying glory. 

The sound in this package is great and is put to great use throughout.  Similar to the original and more of it.  There is little to no music to be heard throughout to accentuate the use of sound effects.  Seriously the sound technicians behind this are a gifted twisted bunch.  Wonderful people that you don’t wanna meet. 

The special features are pretty much the same as the original, including Sadako’s video to watch or avoid, at your leisure.  There are trailers of many videos which is a good idea, if you are not interested in any of them that’s fine, don’t play it.  This is a far cry from those…videotapes that we used to ‘cringe’ use those many years ago. 

Ring 2 Features

  • Ring "Cycle" Trailers
  • Sadako's Video
  • Animated Menus


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