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DVD Reviews:  Star Trek Deep Space Nine Season Two

The Final Say!

Feature Score:
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Reviewed by Dean Malandrini
Distributed by:
Paramount Pictures
Running Time: 1182 Minutes

Conflict between the Cardassian's and the Bajoran's is the key ingredient to the success that is Deep Space Nine.  Originally the Bajoran's were a peaceful race of cultured and artistic people and when the Cardassian's came to visit it didnít take long before they overrun the Bajoran home world. 

After many years of Cardassian rule the Star Fleet came and freed the people of Bajor, now the space station that orbits the planet is Star Fleetís main form of helping the Bajorans back to their previous glory while still keeping the Cardassians out of the way.  The stories are very politically based, and Captain Benjamin Sisko the commander of Deep Space Nine must tread lightly to keep both the Cardassians and Bajorans happy. 

On their way out the Cardassians have stripped the planet of anything they consider valuable, and the space station was originally Cardassian and now that Star Trek must take care of the Bajorans they have taken over the space station but the Cardassians have stripped that too.   

This has been given to Commander Benjamin Sisko, who has reluctantly accepted this mission, after he lost his wife in the battle with the Borg. Benjamin is now forced to raise his teenage son Jake all by himself and with the troubles of two feuding races he must be on extra guard.   

Benjamin is accompanied by both his loyal security chief Odo who is a shape shifter who has no idea where he comes from, which he will come to explore throughout the entire series.  Not forgetting his most distinguished liaison officer from the planet Bajor, Kiera, There are also many other unforgettable characters throughout the series, the local bartender Quark a greedy race known as the Ferengi, he gets up to all sorts of mischief.  Siskoís staff also includes other core characters such as Chief Miles O'Brien, Dr Julian Bashir, Lt Jadzia Dax a very old friend of Siskoís.   

The space station has just come into contact with a stable wormhole and the only known stable wormhole in the universe.  The wormhole leads to a section of the galaxy (the Gamma Quadrant) that would otherwise take a century to traverse.  

There is an absolute slew of episodes that range from political misconduct to murder investigations, youíll find that there are several instances where the story will take you back to the Cardassian occupation and events that happened years ago are still effecting the current goings on at the space station, with the devious Quark who will do anything for a buck causes nothing but stress and unrest for the station. 

The sound quality throughout is very good and the special sound effects for, well basically machines that donít exist are absolutely astounding.  Picture quality is clear throughout and more importantly the special effects and the make up used to create so many different species, you can only imagine the amount of work that went into it, congratulations another great Star Trek Series on the way.  Extras are all on disc seven there is a smorgasbord of extras and very well worth your dollar watch every single one.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine Season Two Features

  • New Frontiers: The Story of Deep Space Nine

  • Michael Westmore's Aliens - Season 2

  • Crew Dossier: Jadzia Dax

  • New Station, New Ships


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