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DVD Reviews:  Read My Lips (M15+)

The Final Say!

Review Score
Reviewed by Adam Dumicich
Distributed by:
Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment
Running Time: 114 Minutes





Carla is a long-time employee of a property development company. But as a 35-five-year-old woman with a hearing deficiency, she struggles with the stigma of her colleagues who lack any of appreciation of her, although she is confident in herself. After realizing she needs help at work with the suffocating workload she hires an assistant. Paul is a 25 year old ex-con who has no skills at work and poor people skills also. He does have something that appeals to Carla however, his looks.

Being desperate for affection, Carla takes Paul under her wing, to guide him, and teach him. But having little in the way of friends, Carla is easily swayed. Paul is after all man fresh out of jail, and despite trying to mend his ways and stay away from the life that put him into jail in the first place, he will find himself without a choice. Carla however can see some useful points to Paulís past life of crime, and will slowly but surely become entangled in a life she knows nothing about.

Read My Lips is an exciting story of loneliness, desperation and crime. Set in France (the movie is also all in French with English subtitles) we are presented with the two worlds Carla finds herself living in. The stable, reassuring, and dead boring world she finds herself in as a secretary, and the life of crime, which clearly weighs down Paulís soul, but to Carla, is exciting and new.

The acting throughout the movie is superb; you really feel what each character is going through. You are also torn between wanting to have the characters live happily in the mundane world that is being a secretary (and secretaryís assistant) , and living large, in the exciting, lucrative, yet dangerous world of crime.

Seriously, I can imagine everyone enjoying this movie, whether or not you normally like movies with subtitles, I honestly believe youíll thoroughly enjoy this.


Read My Lips is shown in 16x9 (1.78), with quite an impressive picture. There is some edge enhancement, but it doesnít distract. There are no artifacts (or at least none that I noticed), and the color reproduction is superb. There is a decent amount of grain, but I believe that was intentional to help with the mood of the movie, so I wonít put that down as a negative.


The 5.1 channel sound on this disk is almost a waste, the only time I found either the subwoofer or surrounds to be in use is when in a nightclub, but at the same time, if you didnít have them at that point, youíd be missing out. With the main character being hearing impaired, you may think sound wouldnít play a large part in the movie, but not so, in fact itís the opposite. The use of sound throughout is an integral part of the experience, and luckily itís nice and clear (as far as I can tell being all in French)


I would have given the extras section a high rating, if it were not for the fact that all the commentaries, interviews and deleted scenes were only available in French WITHOUT subtitles. A real shame there, it would have been nice to have been able to enjoy this part of the disk as much as the movie. Pity, unless you speak French that is.

  • 7 Deleted scenes (3 with directorís commentary) unfortunately they are all in French, including the commentary without any subtitles.

  • A photo gallery with 8 pictures from the making of the movie

  • 2 Interviews, the first with Tonio Benacquista, and the second with Andre Desplant (both in French without subtitles)

  • The international trailer

  • 2 Commentaries, one by the director (Jacques Audiard) and the other by Emmanuelle Devos and Vincent Cassel (who play Carla and Paul respectively) Both without subtitles.

  • Cast and crew filmographies


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