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DVD Reviews: The League of Gentlemen the entire third series

The Final Say!

Review Score
Reviewed by Andrew B
Review Date: February 2004
Distributed by:
Roadshow Home Entertainment
Running Time: 174 minutes





Uh oh... those crazy residents from Royston Valley have returned and if you thought series 1 and 2 were outrageous, then wait till you watch this current incarnation. As with the previous series, three talented actors (Mark Gatiss, Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith) play almost the entire population of Royston Valley with their acting chores divided equally amongst themselves.

Although all three actors help with the writing and scripting of the series, there is one more writer who has remains largely absent from the ensemble as he prefers to remain anonymous... or his acting abilities are too poor. For those that have never watched the series, the series is based in a remote fictional English town called Royston Valley that contains the strangest denizens of the United Kingdom.

Many of the old inhabitants make a welcomed return in series 3 such as the sadomasochists local shop owners Edward and Tubbs Tattysrup with a variety of extremely entertaining and disturbing new comers.

As each series of the League of Gentlemen progresses, the writers just get more and more bizarre and probably two of the most enjoyable episodes was episode one when the extremely repulsive Pauline discovers she is pregnant and episode 5 that has Charlie and Judy open a massage parlour called Spit and Polish.

It should also be noted that this series is indeed black comedy and people who are easily upset or disgusted should shy away from this disturbing yet entertaining series. As with the previous series, the comedy of the League of Gentlemen goes up and down from moments of side-splitting laughter to a few chuckles here and there.


The video quality of the disc is presented in a ratio 1.78:1 with above average picture quality. The images are sharp, with the colours being vibrant and bright. Apart from that, there were no major DVD errors that I noticed during the viewing of this series.


The audio quality is presented in Dolby Digital 2.0 stereo and the audio sounds extremely clear and audible. Once again Joby Talbot lends his musical talents to the main theme of the series that really gives me the creeps during the introduction of each episode. Talbot also composes the music during the episodes with his unique style of music that goes hand in hand with the humour of this series.


The League of Gentlemen series 3 contains some of the most hilarious extras that I have seen in a long time that include audio commentary for each episode, Easter eggs, deleted scenes and an in-depth interview with costume designer Yves Barre.

The Final Say

This series may not be for everyone but if you are after pure British comedy without the taste of America than I would recommend you hire or buy this series. The comedy is indeed black but was extremely entertaining for this viewer.


* Local Gossip (audio commentary for every episode)
* Isolated Music Cues
* Interview with Costume Designer, Yves Barre
* New Video Diaries
* Dean's Magic Teach-In
* The Making of Series 3
* Local Out-Takes & Deleted Scenes
* Photo Gallery
* SFX Footage
* Character Biographies

Episode Listing

* Episode 1: The Lesbian and the Monkey
* Episode 2: The One Armed Man is King
* Episode 3: Turn Against Geoff Tipps
* Episode 4: The Medusa Touch
* Episode 5: Beauty and the Beast
* Episode 6: How the Elephant got its Trunk

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