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DVD Reviews:  Hitler: Rise of Evil

The Final Say!

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Reviewed by Tory Favro
Distributed by:
Magna Pacific
Running Time: 179 Minutes

This brilliant 2 disc set was recently shown on television over a two night run. It follows the rise of a young Adolf Hitler as he made his way as a child from Austria to the very steps of power in Germany, it is a compelling must watch adventure. And by adventure, I don’t trivialise the evil of both the Nazi movement or persecution of the Jewish race. But taken at it’s purest form, this is the tale of a young man, insane as is who with drive, determination and fanaticism took the entire world to the brink of destruction. 

This was a different age in our world and there was a time of uncertainty and poverty that a young man with drive could exploit. There was also the ignorance of the mass populace who fell behind his charisma and energy like sheep, willing to follow anyone who seemed that they could bring about the promise of Germany getting out of their economic depression. 

An interesting point this series makes is that there was also a lot of political maneuvering going on that levered Hitler into the prominence that he eventually shared. It was certainly a part of the history that I had no knowledge of and it certainly intrigued me. Add to that the trial at which Hitler was charged with treason which incensed the nation and turning him into both champion and martyr for his own cause. 

Taking advantage of a time of both political and social upheaval, Hitler and his cronies make their bid for political supremacy and are successful. Terrifyingly enough, and once again this is not a commonly known fact, but most of his followers did not agree with the sheer insanity of his “final solution”, however with the Nazi movement at absolute fever pitch and holding the country hostage under a blanket of terror, there were none with the courage or ability to speak up or even attempt to undo what he had started.

The quality of this DVD is sensational and with the extras that are included on it, make it a must to watch for young and old. I’d recommend the title to anyone, but I think that high schools should consider it as part of their required viewing for students, so that the horror of the holocaust and who caused it is never forgotten.

The picture is crystal clear on the disc and formatted for 16:9 televisions. With a great audio mix in Dolby 5.1,  I found that the soundtrack utilised all channels nicely for great effect. 

For those wishing to know more about the film and the people who made it, you can’t go past the “Reflections of Evil” section on Disc 2. The insights you are given are interesting and well put together, making the entire package an excellent purchase. 


Hitler: Rise of Evil Features

  • Reflections of Evil


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