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DVD Reviews: Midnight Vendetta

The Final Say!

Review Score
Reviewed by Tory Favro
Review Date: 20 February 2003
Distributed by:
Roadshow Home Entertainment
Running Time: 88 Minutes

You know, considering the amount of DVD movies that I am lucky enough to review it's not often that I get an absolute dog of a movie that I can tell you to avoid almost at all costs. Midnight Vendetta is one of them, so study the cover and stay away.

The story isn't exactly a new one, nor for that matter a very compelling one. I spent most of the movie cringing at the clichéd lines and bodgy acting, not to mention possibly the worst effects I have seen in a flim in ages.

Kari Wuhrer plays Ann, a woman who to help her husband secure a contract with a rich contractor, has sex with said contractor in the office building whilst the papers are getting ready to be signed. Sure enough he wins the contract but loses his job. Then hubby commits suicide by driving off a bridge onto concrete below.

Basically you won't care when he does it and it's poorly told. Then all of a sudden Kari is a woman hellbent on revenge and achieves it by having sex with almost everyone before killing them. In fact it's the sex in this movie that will make it appeal to some. The movie is almost a lame excuse to get all the main characters to at least get topless, including even the teenage daughter who is at least in her twenties so must have failed high school numerous times.

In fact, the first time I saw the family unit in this movie I thought the father was the brother or the lover, the kids almost look the same age as the parents. Getting back to the topless part, I think you see every ladies boobs except for the receptionist at the firm and a middle aged lady who is there for a meeting.

So other than waiting for the next flash, this movie has a yawn factor of 10. In fact, if I was scoring it on it's ability to make you turn off the movie, it would get 10. To be blunt, it's pure unadulterated crap.

As a DVD this movie doesn't shine either, sure the picture looks fine and it sounds ok, but with only a theatrical trailer to save it, it wasn't really worth the transfer. Not only that but the sound has only been treated to a Dolby 2.0 transfer and in 5.1 would have redeemed it a little.

Poor quality acting, storyline and general lethargy of the movie ensures that this movie will probably stay in a dump bin somewhere unless my mention of boobs drags the fellas in. I know it sounds harsh but the acting is of such a quality that it's as though they grabbed people from work for the dole and told them to have a crack at this acting thing!

Stay away from this film unless you are only there for the naked folk! I guess I am extremely disappointed only because the slick promised so much on the back of the DVD. It could have been an intensely erotic thriller that had the viewer riveted, however fails to titillate on even the most base level. I think that's the worst part, it could have been great and just isn't.

Midnight Vendetta Features

  • Theatrical Trailer
  • What? You're still here?!


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