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DVD Reviews: Crashburn Collection 2

The Final Say!

Review Score
Reviewed by Yianni Pak
Review Date: May 2004
Distributed by:
The AV Channel





Until I watched these discs, the only experience I had of this Australian TV show was having seen the rather uninteresting commercials on television. You may remember the whole “he says, she says” campaign. Unfortunately this advertising campaign made the show look rather girl-oriented, and so I chose to exercise my “boys are strong, like king kong” mentality and avoid watching it.

It seems that either I am very stupid, or the ads for the show were very misleading, because Crashburn is actually a VERY entertaining slice of Aussie TV for boys and girls alike. Sure enough, at its core, it explores the relationships between men and women in their 30’s and 40’s, but it is all done with humour, panache, and a healthy dose of cynicism. 

What we get here is six episodes of this chronically under-rated (by me, at least) Aussie drama. The acting is, for the most part, great, and the issues and situations the characters find themselves in are both interesting and amusing. The “he says, she says” structure is pretty cool too, offering two different perspectives on each situation. 

Overall this is an entertaining slice of Australian television, and a pretty perfect way to kick back with your girlfriend/boyfriend and have a laugh together. Good stuff.


The video quality is great, which really is to be expected of a show that’s only a year or two old. Everything’s nice and sharp, and it’s presented in widescreen, which is just lovely. It’s not as grand as a top-notch movie release but it’s great nonetheless.


Audio is similarly good, although as this is basically a drama series there’s nothing there that will astound audiences. But everything is crisp and clear as it should be, with no cause for complaints whatsoever.


The extra features aren’t really very impressive. Basically all we get, aside from the obligatory “Madman Propaganda (ie previews)”, is a bunch of static text screens featuring short bios for each character. It’s not a bad read, but something more interesting would have been nice. Disappointing.

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