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DVD Reviews:  Dreamcatcher

The Final Say!

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Reviewed by Tory Favro
Distributed by:
Roadshow Home Entertainment
Running Time: 128 Minutes

Based on the novel by Stephen King (one of my favourite authors), Dreamcatcher is the tale of four young friends and how a single collective act of kindness will change the way their world is forever.

Rescuing young Douglas Cavell (Duddits) from the hands of torturous bullies, the four friends find themselves imbued with a strange type of telepathy emanating from Duddits, who is a student at the local special school.

As the years go by, these young friends become men and once a year they go hunting as they did as boys in a cabin out in the forest in the snow. It's in this unexpected environment that all normality is leeched out of their lives when a strange red dust and a government cover-up is initiated to hid the presence of extraterrestrials in the United States.

Stephen King's capacity to turn the normal into the nightmarish is one of the things that makes me such a fan of his work and having collaborated with William Goldman on the screenplay of this tale has made it such a watchable feature for me. His ability to humanise his characters into such likeable entities makes you actually care about them and the horrible fate that has befallen them.

There'll be a number of people who complain about this film for it's vulgarity in the direct portrayal of some of the alien attacks. There is a ton of blood and even parasitic creatures emerging from the anus of a hunter in the woods. You could say that we are shown too much and in some cases I would have said yes, however I have also read the book (highly enjoyable) and they are not going any further than the book does.

I know that there are more folks out there who didn't like the film than those who like myself, did. I'm going to say that you might want to rent this before the purchase, however if you are a fan of Stephen King I think you should be happy with the movie. For me myself, I'd happily purchase this flick as I believe it's a keeper.


The disc is shown in 2.40:1 original theatrical ratio that is 16:9 enhanced and is a beautiful transfer. Colours are vibrant and there are not any issues with this disc at all. In fact the perfection of the colour palette at times even adds to the horrific aspect of the film. Top marks!


Dolby Digital 5.1 and it sounds a treat, fully complementing the movieStereo mix only here and it's all that it needed. Sound is very clear, functional and adds to the enjoyment of the disc. All channels are used and the disc is a great example of a surround mix.


If you want to find out more about the movie or an insight into the mind of Stephen King, then this is one to definitely get. We get to hear about his accident that nearly killed him and the references and similarities between this title and his book Stand By Me. It's an interesting watch.

There are a bevy of deleted scenes here as well and the thing is that you can tell that they were going to keep them in until the last minute as everything has been added and we are not just watching rough raw footage.

For those interested in the wonderful effects used in the movie, there is a short featurette on the making of some of the creatures and what went into the creative process.

There is also a trailer and DVD Rom content.

Dreamcatcher Features

  • Dream Writer

  • An Interview with Stephen King

  • Dream Weavers

  • The Visual Effects of Dreamcatcher

  • Lifted Scenes & Original Ending

  • Teaser Trailer



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