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DVD Reviews:  Frailty

The Final Say!

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Reviewed by Peter Parmac
Distributed by:
Running Time: 96 Minutes

A gem of a mystery/horror title that explores the supernatural among the mundane.  Matthew McConaughey, Bill Paxton and Powers Boothe lead the story about a series of murders known as the Godís Hand killings.  As we explore the history of these brutal murders we are drawn into the irony and insanity of the major characters.  This has a brilliant plot twist at the end that is hinted at throughout the movie and succeeds in its final execution, as we as an audience learn without ambiguity the nature of the crimes committed.

The story is told through a series of flashbacks and real time as we find FBI agent Wesley Doyle interviewing a repentant Fenton whom claims to be the brother of the Godís Hand serial killer.  Fenton describes his childhood with his brother Adam and father, played brilliantly by Bill Paxton.  You see dad has visions from God that tell him he and his family have been chosen to destroy demons amongst us. 

Armed with gloves, an iron bar and an axe named Otis dad awaits further visions, which ultimately leads to a list of demons.  The dilemma for young Fenton is that these demons look just like real people, we are led to see the internal conflict between loyalty to his father and a genuine concern for the victims that his father slays.  Adam being younger has no problem in accepting his fatherís holy crusade.  Fenton finally cracks after being locked in a cellar for over a week and claims to have found the faith Adam and his father share.  Fenton kills his dad and we return to the FBI agent who proceeds to follow Fenton to where the bodies are buried.  The brilliance of this film is in the definition of what is a demon.  The irony lies in is Fenton a demon because he commits an evil act and kills his insane father, or is he driven in pursuit of good to stop his fathers brutal killings and thus a hero. 

DVD visual transfer is widescreen and is vibrant and satisfying as to be expected on a recent film.  Audio is in Dolby Digital 5.1 but and a subtle use of the surround is well executed.  Music is noticeably eerie and hightens the suspense superbly.  Extras include a theatrical trailer and subtitles.

This is one of the best horror suspense films Iíve seen in awhile.  A great story and superb performances lead to a greatly satisfying and spooky ride.  The moral dilemmas faced by young children whose mundane lives are turned upside down by the supposed Hand of God are chillingly portrayed.  Not your run of the mill horror but one with intelligence, real tension and emotional pathos.  A must see!

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