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DVD Reviews: Frozen in Fear (Rental)

The Final Say!

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Reviewed by Alex Cuming
Review Date: 10 June 2003
Distributed by:
Universal Pictures
Running Time: 99 Minutes

Now before I go on this movie seemed to me like a good deterrent for people going into the plastics industry.  If plastic is not used to kill someone it is used to do the next worse thing, plastic surgery.  A few better known actors star in this thriller Eric Roberts and Catherine Oxenbourg.  Some of the others could be used as an example in Plastic ban protest.  Joan Benedict who has the consistency more like that of a yacht than a person.  I know I’m being harsh but if you guessed the movie was all rubbish then you would be only getting it half right.  Frozen in Fear whilst being a thriller does come across as a light psychopathic movie.  The reason for this being that the music accompanying the more morose scenes visually has a jovial touch.  

The story is this; Sean springs his mother being unfaithful to his father. After fleeing the house he witnesses the death of his mother later on rather and I must say rather appropriately, a yacht.  Sean is also a mute who makes his means through art.  When a member of an Art gallery discovers one of the paintings in the remote town in the country where Sean lives.  During this part of the film there are many murders committed and questions arise in the viewer’s mind about who is doing this and why.  

After Hans being told that there are more of these paintings Hans (Douglas Sebern) tells the manager and employee Lacy and Polly respectively who both go to investigate this budding new artist.  The town they visit is a very isolated and backward town without the creature comforts of the city.  Lacy and Polly go to see Sean after repeated warnings from the locals soon they find out why. 

The sort of upbeat tempo of the film is done well in comparison to other more serious approaches namely Pet Cemetery, The Thing etc.  The dialogue is a little on and off and the acting is a bit lacking in parts.  Some of it and I mean only some, would fit well in a stage play.  

The Extras on this film are ok but a little brief; The Filmographies for the better known actors are informative and interesting.  The menu is static and there is no low-level noise throughout.  Sound is crisp and clear just like water in its purest form, ice, a little cliché from the film.  

The story is little weird and unusual with plenty of drifting digression, which seems to be all for the purpose of having a few sex scenes to hotten up the film a little.  Apart from these quibbles this film is ok. Recommended to general thriller viewers.

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