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DVD Reviews: American Psycho

The Final Say!

Review Score
Reviewed by Tory Favro
Review Date: 08 May 2002
Distributed by: Columbia Tristar

Patrick Bateman is the consummate yuppie in the mid 1980's. Young, professional and rich, Bateman lives in a world that Joe Average could not comprehend. Patrick has it all: the money, the women and the nice apartment. However, Patrick has one small problem: He is a serial killer.

Release originally as a novel by Bret Easton Ellis, American Psycho for many years (even now) is a novel that requires an R rating in Australia and proof of identification before purchase and rightly so.

Amidst the controversy, Ellis has perfectly portrayed the descent of a man into madness and takes us along on the ride. The movie, American Psycho fortunately manages to do homage to a great novel. Complementing the book wonderfully, Christian Bale will wipe any mental picture you may have had of Bateman before you watched this movie with his manic portrayal of the lead character.

There is a nice spin at the end of the movie that will have you shaking your head, unless of course you have read the book. The movie is also R rated and although it could have possibly have gotten away with a MA 15+, some of the imagery is just too savage in it's portrayal to give it anything less.

Black humour is evident all the way through which will lighten the subject matter somewhat. I found this to be a nice touch as otherwise the movie is a bit too much; you need to come up for air every so often.

American Psycho is well worth the purchase for fans of the horror/black humour genre, or those interested in seeing a brilliant portrayal of homicidal psychosis by Christian Bale.

Willem Dafoe also appears as the cop trying to track down a missing friend of Bateman's.

The movie plays well in DVD format with nice picture and sound quality taking you into the heart of the movie and dragging you mercilessly through.

Original Widescreen Presentation
Behind the Screens Featurette
Isolated Track of Songs and John Cale's Music Score
Original Movie Trailer
Talent Profiles
Picture Disc.

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