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DVD Reviews: Miller's Crossing

The Final Say!

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Reviewed by Dean Malandrini
Review Date: 13 July 2003
Distributed by:
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Running Time: 110 Minutes

The cover is quite misleading, thinking that the movie would hold some sort of boring story about guys wearing those old type hats and talking about the inner workings of the New York mob, but in actual fact there was heaps of action.  With dead men popping up all over the joint and constant or even imminent whacking happening it proves to be one interesting and very entertaining movies. 

The story is about the current big wig in organized crime, the only problem is that his most trusted and intelligent confidant is messing with his girlfriend, but he is also out to make some of the most tactical errors of his career.  With his right hand man gone heís in big trouble, the opposition is really out to get him and even the commissioner and the police chief have changed sides to combat the power struggle they are now running jobs and crack downs for the new mob super power.   

Now the right hand man is very intelligent and basically anything that he tells you, you had better take note because he knows what heís on about.  The majority of the movie basically follows the right hand man of the ex organized crime leader, now the new crime boss is a bit sceptical of the right hand manís association with him, he makes him perform a hit of a ex comrade to prove his loyalty, but in actual fact he doesnít really like this fellow.  A few occasions the right hand man plays tricks on not only his new boss to get ahead but he is playing both sides, he doesnít hate his ex boss, in actuality he still likes him and respects him. 

You will find that a few things donít make much sense but it all comes together in the end.  A couple of times there doesnít seem to be a motive behind his actions, but by the end of the movie you will find out how smart the main character actually is and his polite manner that stops him from killing people himself and going through with a few sickening acts will all come undone and you will see a true criminal master mind at work. 

Extras include still picture gallery, original trailer, thereís also heaps and heaps of interviews with the main character and there are different categories to chose from, which basically mean you donít have to wade through a whole heap of stuff you donít care about just to hear the interesting information.  It also has the making of which is very interesting and informative, the director talks about the different lenses and a few filming techniqueís he uses in the movie.  Picture and sound quality is very impressive, when the police fire at a convenience store the booming sound that comes out is clear and the picture couldnít get clearer, do yourself a favour and see this movie.

Miller's Crossing Features

  • Barry Sonnenfeld Featurette

  • Five Gabriel Byrne Interview Clips

  • Three Marcia Gay Harden Interview Clips

  • Two John Turturro Interview Clips

  • Two Theatrical Trailers

  • Still Gallery


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