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DVD Reviews: Love and Human Remains

The Final Say!

Review Score
Reviewed by Yianni Pak
Review Date: June 2004
Distributed by:
The AV Channel
Running Time: 100 mins





Warning. Donít watch this movie if youíre a homophobe. Youíll be offended and disgusted, and probably feel the urge to go out and beat the crap out of anyone wearing leather trousers or an earring afterwards. 

Those of us who are comfortable enough with our sexualities to not feel threatened by a bit of same-sex love, however, might be well advised to investigate this rather quirky Canadian film. Itís apparently based on a play by the name of ďUnidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of LoveĒ, and it shows its roots in itís dialogue. The conversations have a similar rhythm to the dialogue in a stage play, which is in no way a bad thing, just a little different. 

Basically, itís a film about a variety of upstarts and misfits searching for love. Being humans, they make the same mistakes that we all do, going down the wrong roads here and there, sometimes hurting others, and sometimes being hurt themselves. Itís really candid and quite enjoyable, and the dialogue is witty enough to make what is essentially a slightly-askew romantic comedy a bit more fun. 

The twist is, that all of this love and debauchery is going on at the same time as a spate of serial killings of women. So as well as wondering whoís going to end up with who, the audience is also left wondering ďwhich one of these weirdos is the killer?Ē Itís not a bad idea but it does come across as slightly cheesy. 

Love and Human Remains is not a fantastic movie, but you could do a lot worse. Try it if you want something a little left of center.


Sorry, but the video quality is pretty appalling. Itís grainy and dirty, and also in fullscreen, although that may have been how the movie was shot in the first place. Either way, itís not a pretty looking film.


The audio is pretty average as well. Not distractingly bad, but it certainly could be better. A bit of a shame really.


The only extras, aside from a trailer, are an interview with the director (which is ok) and a director filmography (which is in such an incredibly tiny font that I couldnít even read it when I stuck my face right up to the TV screen). Oh well.

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