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DVD Reviews: Malcolm


The Final Say!

Review Score
Reviewed by Tory Favro
Review Date: 18 February 2003
Distributed by:
The AV Channel
Running Time: 85 Minutes

This was a disc that did leave me wondering why you would make the effort to convert this movie over to the DVD format. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed Malcolm the first time round and it was neat to see a young Colin Friels again, it's just that the movie isn't one that begs for the transfer upon initial inspection.

After getting even 15 minutes into the movie and it all becomes readily apparent why the effort was made. Malcolm is an absolutely delightful movie that will have you laughing out loud for most of the feature. Malcolm is a simple man who loves his trams and inventions, however when a boarder takes a room in his house  (Frank, played by John Hargreaves) things start to change. Frank is an ex con just out of the jail who Malcolm takes inspiration from and he is hankering to do bank robberies just like his hero Frank.

The inventions that are used in the film are ingenious to say that least and considering that they would not have cost a lot to create speaks wonders for the minds behind the film and the special effects guys and girls.

The movie won an outstanding 8 AFI film awards at the time it was released and it's no wonder. Every single actor in the movie shines, with stellar performances, especially from Friels who plays the simple Malcolm with ease.

The film looks quite good on DVD though it is a bit soft focus at times and this is purely due to the transfer and does not hurt the film at all. The disc plays in Dolby Mono however it is a very clean sound and still entirely pleasurable to listen to. In fact I think part of it's charm extends to that sound format being used.

There is a plethora of extras included in the DVD and it's truly interesting to listen to the audio commentary. Also, there are some "hidden features" in the extras section, which will play 4 randomly selected scenes from the making of Malcolm that provide entertainment, albeit short.

I do recommend this disc to everyone although I wouldn't let it be viewed by younger children as there is a fair bit of mild language and a lot of mild violence, which I know sounds silly however involves punching and slapping. A Great Film and a Great DVD!


Malcolm Features

  • Nadia Tass and David Parker commentary
  • Press Kit
  • Cast and crew profiles and interviews
  • Trailer
  • Interviews at the AFI Awards
  • Popcorn Taxi Q&A
  • More Malcolm Gizmos


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