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DVD Reviews:  Them!

The Final Say!

Feature Score:
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Reviewed by Dean Malandrini
Distributed by:
Warner Home Video
Running Time: 89 Minutes

If you only see one black and white horror movie in your entire life then THEM! is number one, the movie follows a group of scientists who investigate an incident in the desert and when they arrive they find out there is something awry in the desert.  The movie is one of the great films of the black and white horror era you will ever see, when you see any movie THEM! is the point at which every black and white movie is compared against. 

 As I said before the movie follows a group of scientists who stumble upon an amazing discovery, when someone is attacked in the desert and the description of the assailant is a bit iffy the special group of scientists start to investigate the strange happenings in a newly shut down atomic testing sight and when there are reports of huge holes where the attacks are happening and someone has to take charge and find out whatís going on.

After much deliberation and arguing the scientists get the military involved and when they attempt an attack on the hives of the atomic monsters they find out that are a very formidable foe and after destroying their man base of operations they realize that they have flown the coup to start a new hive and though they destroyed all the air borne bogeys they find that one escaped.  Armed with the information the US military in conjunction with the special group of scientists are on a mission to stop the atomic monsters.   

They find that the flying male is the key to the survival of the species and when they track the new hive to a major city in the sub sewers, and when they try an all out assault on the hive they find many more males ready to go, and with a quick calculation, if the beasts arenít stopped here then the entire earth will be overrun in next to no time.  The assault on the hive harbors many casualties and the only way to find out whether the earth belongs to us or if the earth is doomed to be overrun by the atomic monsters is to watch, THEM! is not a movie to miss, the greatest and my all time personal favorite black and white horror. 

THEM! can only be described as fantastic, the story is well thought out and the picture quality is a huge improvement on the original copy that I saw years ago, there still remains several dust glitches and the picture is still a fair bit grainy, and the sound quality is still a bit pour, but it still holds its own.  The extras on the DVD are ok but they arenít that great; there is a section where it gives the impression that it is going to show you the inner workings of the monsters but when it came down to it it was just the beasts as you knew them from the movie moving but with some guys standing around they didnít explain or even give you a back stage tour.

Them! Features

  • Behind the Scenes

  • Interactive Menus

  • Photo Gallery

  • Scene Access

  • Theatrical Trailer


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