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DVD Reviews: Intacto                                           Genre: World Movies: Spain: Thriller

The Final Say!

Review Score
Reviewed by Tory Favro
Review Date: July 2004
Distributed by:
The AV Channel
Running Time: 104 mins





This amazing movie is entirely original and compelling viewing. I've never seen a film cover this topic before, ever! What's the topic, I hear you ask.


Intacto explores the theory that luck is something that can be truly lost, forever, traded, exchanged and captured. There are special people who can absorb luck from others by simply touching them or by possessing a photo of the unfortunate person. Luck also can be stolen.

There is contest in the world where the winner is considered the luckiest person alive, however for the loser there is nothing but death waiting.

Imagine being the apprentice of the luckiest person and then having him take that power away from you. What would you do to get it back, what revenge would you take? What would you do if you came across someone who you believed to be even luckier than you were?

This is what happens to a man named Frederico who has his luck stolen by his master, a man called The Jew (played by Max Von Sydow). Trying desperately to find someone with luck enough to take on his old boss and win in the ultimate game of chance, Frederico meets Tomas after Tomas is the only survivor of an aeroplane crash in which all the other 270 passengers are killed. After numerous tests of Tomas' luck, Frederico convinces the young man to come with him on a journey for the ultimate prize.

The movie deals with an underworld that the common man cannot imagine to exist, a world that is determined by the roll of a dice or a grasshopper landing on top of your head. It is extravagant in it's concept and flawless in it's delivery. compelling to the climatic end, this is one movie that you simply have to watch!

A favourite scene of mine during the movie would have to be during a contest where the competitors run through a dense forest blindfolded and hands bound. The last person standing and not having hit a tree wins. To watch it take place is simply sensational.


This movie looks great from start to finish with some interesting techniques used, especially in scenes like the one I mentioned above when racing through the forest. Use of light was awesome as well, especially the shadow work in the last stage of the film.


Top notch all the way through. Spanish audio with English subtitle but I was so engrossed in the movie that I frankly forgot I was reading all the dialogue. Sounds and the soundtrack were excellent and sounded great the whole way through. Very little bass used during this film.


There is only a trailer on this disc for Intacto and Flesh.


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