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DVD Reviews: Reservoir Dogs (Collector's Edition)


The Final Say!

Review Score
Reviewed by Tory Favro
Review Date: 13 February 2003
Distributed by:
Magna Pacific
Running Time: 100 Minutes

To say this disc is sensational is an absurd understatement and the fact that it's only just become available on DVD is amazing considering that this film created it's own pseudo genre within the crime genre.

For those who might not have been of a movie going age when this film was originally released or have never seen the video, Reservoir Dogs is the story about a diamond robbery that we never see, committed by men who have no names only colours as a way of distinguishing themselves.

Director Quentin Tarantino took the bold step with this movie of introducing us to the non linear progression of a movie, possibly the tightest dialogue to have been written for a movie in years and a film with one of the most ordinary locations ever. a barebones small warehouse.

Whilst there are four primary players in this movie played by Tim Roth, Harvey Keitel, Steve Buscemi and Michael Madsen, every cast member is memorable due to the unique way that Tarantino worked them into the plot. This is one of those movies where practically every line in it counts and is worth the inclusion in the film.

The extras on this film are worth the price of the movie even without the movie. It staggers me that Magna Pacific are practically giving this movie away plus the extras! There are numerous interviews with critics and stars. I found it intriguing especially to listen to the Tarantino interview and what makes him tick. I have a lot of respect for this filmmaker and it was a brief education to have a look inside his head explaining the process in making the movie.

The visuals for the movie is an absolute feast for the eyes and is practically unblemished other than extremely slight artefacts occurring occasionally in the actors black suits. This was rare and certainly did not detract even slightly from the film It's the sort of picky crap that we do have to report on however and I refuse to mark the score down as a result.

The audio is fantastic as well and considering that the majority of the film takes place in a warehouse, uses Dolby Digital really well and during the movie when Mr. Pink has to fight off the police, and taking cover from a carjacked vehicle, fires a burst of rounds at chasing cops and the sound of it will have you speechless.

Reservoir Dogs is a must have movie. It's drama with an extreme amount of black humour thrown in for good measure. It won't appeal to everyone, however no one can dispute the majesty of the film itself and the way that Tarantino changed the way that the movie industry looked at itself.

Highest Recommendation!

Reservoir Dogs Features

  • Special Features
  • Scene Selections
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Alternative Angles
  • Cast & Crew Interviews
  • Tribute to Lawrence Tierney
  • Director’s Tribute
  • Class of ’92 Feature
  • Small Dogs Documentary
  • Film Noir Web
  • Select Scene Audio
  • Commentary
  • K-Billy Interactive Radio
  • Style Guide
  • Securing the Shot Documentary
  • Trailer
  • Poster Gallery


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