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DVD Reviews:  Judas Kiss

The Final Say!

Feature Score:
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Reviewed by Kate Esler
Distributed by:
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Running Time: 94 Minutes

Judas Kiss is a story of love, corruption, deceipt and betrayal. It centres around the lives of con artists Coco, (Carla Gugino) and  Junior, (Australian actor Simon Baker-Denny), who fall in love and decide to carry out the biggest scam of their careers, the kidnapping of a billion dollar genius. Do 'perfectly thought out plans' always pay off? To help them with their plan they recruit Lizard (Gil Bellows), a 'plan every detail' kinda guy and Ruban a brainless, German beefcake. For good measure, thrown in are a couple more crooks, an alcoholic detective (Alan Rickman) and a wacky FBI Agent (Emma Thompson.) All the right ingredients for a enjoyable and funny movie. 

The director uses different techniques to help us feel what is going on with his characters. Blurred sounds are used for the fast paced situations and to convey tense emotional scenes there is complete silence except for that characters narration of their thoughts. There is also a small narrative part by Coco, who is ultimately the main character. We see her learn from her experiences and mistakes and almost see her grow as a person.

The highlight of this movie, for me, was seeing Emma Thompson pull off the role of the sarcastic and zany cop, Sadie Hawkins! This role was a change from her usual choices, which have included the period drama Sense and Sensibility, but she has perfect comic timing in this film. She has perfectly meshed timing with Alan Rickman, (Detective Friedman) and I guarantee that the two will have viewers in fits of giggles. Choice of cast members could not have been better, with each actor playing their roles to their full potential. With a great script and a great cast, this film is relatively unknown but definitely worth a look!!


16:9 Aspect Ratio, Widescreen Enhanced


2.0 Dolby Digital


The menu of this film is bright and catches your eye straight away. It features Play movie, Scenes and Extras. I have to say the extras on this disc are outstanding. There are cast and crew biographies, both Australian and French trailers, an extensive photo gallery, Into the files which gives viewers an insight into what motivates each character, more from palace films and a few words from director Sebastian Gutierrez, Judas Kiss being his directorial debut.


Judas Kiss Features

  • Cast & Crew Filmographies

  • Australian and International Trailers

  • Cast Interviews

  • Photo Galleries

  • Animated Menus

  • Scene Selections


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