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DVD Reviews: Matrix Revolutions

The Final Say!

Review Score
Reviewed by Adam Dumicich
Review Date: April 2004
Distributed by:
Roadshow Home Entertainment
Running Time:
123 minutes





Every beginning has an end. Iím sure weíve all heard this line before, and most of you will have picked it as the catch phrase of the third and final Matrix movie. Matrix Revolutions is the climax of the sci-fi trilogy that captured the world over with its amazing special effects and fight scenes. The second and third have much been criticized over the way they turned a ground breaking idea into a mediocre franchise. Well now, thatís not necessarily true. The first certainly grabbed our imagination in a way we previously had not known, but the two sequels are not worse, just different.  

Matrix Revolutions starts off where Reloaded finished, with Neo in a coma and Zion on the verge of destruction from the machines. Morpheus and Trinity must save Neo and stop the destruction of Zion, albeit with a lot of help from other humans, and programs from the last movie. 

If youíve seen the Reloaded, youíll now be familiar with the new track the matrix has taken, and like it or not, Revolutions continues down this track. With much talk of human emotions (mostly love), and a few poorly acted displays, but gladly none of the uncomfortable moments found in the second movie. Thereís also much less of the kind of talk that confused people watching the second, i.e. no scenes like that of the architect in Reloaded. So what is the third Matrix comprised of? The answer is action, and lots of it! The fight scenes are not as spectacular as expected, but only a very small amount of the movie is actually in the Matrix, so I guess that explains that. The majority of the movie is centered on Zion, fighting off the machine attack, and it is impressive to be sure. You still get some of the now trademark moments that define a matrix movie, but lets just say that the rabbit hole doesnít go as deep as it used too.  

From all thatís been said, you could be expecting a low rating, but thatís only because of whatís it is being compared to. Matrix Revolutions on its own (although it wonít make much sense on its own) is a fun, and at times amazing movie to watch. No matter what has been said, this is about as good an ending that could be expected for the trilogy and although it isnít as good as the first two, I believe itís the best way the series could have ended.


In a word, spectacular! The picture on this disc is about as good as Iíve seen from a DVD, almost as good as the Lord of the Rings extended editions (which I personally believe to be about the best you can get on DVD). The colours are reproduced superbly, showing the grittiness of Zion and its inhabitants, and the green glow of the artificial matrix perfectly. There is no dot crawl, no film artefacts, and no edge enhancement to speak of, all you get is a beautifully mastered reference quality disc to all to behold.


As good as the picture, asking for more would be greedy. The surrounds are used throughout, and really help draw you into the movie, as is the subwoofer for that matter. A disc like this really makes you appreciate the money you shelled out on your home theatre system, or incredibly jealous of those friends who have. Youíll want to crack this disc up the whole way, and although your neighbours may not appreciate the racket, youíll sure be glad you did.


Basically the extras are a whole bunch of Ďmaking ofí short documentaries, as well as a look at the upcoming Matrix Online video game. Thereís also Before the Revolution, basically a group of stills that act as a timeline for the matrix world (if youíve watched the Animatrix most of this will not be new to you), but itís cool to have either way. The rest is made up of story boards, concept art and web links. Itís a most comprehensive collection of extras, which will hopefully bring you even more enjoyment of the third movie (If not the trilogy).


  • Trailers
  • Web Links
  • Revolutions Recalibrated
  • CG Revolution
  • Super Burly Brawl
  • Future Gamer: The Matrix Online
  • Before the Revolution
  • 3-D Evolution
  • Operator:
    • Neo Realism
    • Super Big Mini Models
    • Double Agent Smith
    • Mind Over Matter


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