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DVD Reviews: Linda Green (The Complete First Series)

The Final Say!

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Reviewed by Alex Cuming
Review Date: 03 June 2003
Distributed by:
Roadshow Home Entertainment
Running Time: 285 Minutes

Linda is a 42-year-old, large well-built woman with a ravenous appetite for sex.  She seeks it she wants it and will jump out of her skin to get it just like most people from the U.K.  Although a little old to be single, Linda wears it with pride but in most cases and even when she doesn’t get it from a man, she’ll try a woman, young man or goat, well maybe not the last one.  Linda Green is a lot of fun and will induce many belly laughs to the angst of neighbours.   

Linda is a singer and socialite exploring the dilemma of being in her sexual prime and no one to do it with.  There are a few men that get sucked in by her tractor beam of charm, which radiates nicely through the TV screen.  She does not seem to be doing a lot outside of singing in a bar, other than shagging the living daylights out of any male within range of her bedroom. 

The most enjoyable part of the series is when Linda reaches a crisis where she does not have enough sex from men so she thinks “why not a woman”.  This exploration of this side is so funny that you will be glued to it from start to finish.  Not saying that I am that way inclined but this episode is great especially when she talks to her family about it.  She ends up going to a gay club with her best friend who gets cracked onto by a couple of lesbians.  The funny side is that she has gone to the farthest extremity of desperation only to be sidelined by her friend.   

Then it gets worse in the next episode when Linda decides a younger model may be a winner because at least they are in their sexual prime.  So she starts dating a trainee mechanic who she seduced on his first day at work.  The implications of such an arrangement become evident later with people laughing at her behind her back and the dismay of her male peers.  But soon everything goes back to normal, thankfully.  Just like how it is at the end of every show for example The Simpsons; everything is kinda like pressing the reset button on your Playstation err…or something. 

The special features are a tad minimalist but there is enough to get a basic understanding of the dynamics and interpersonal characteristics of each of the cast.  There is no history of the actual actors though but it is more appropriate I think to have the background of the characters.  The only silly part of the Special Features is that they are all on the second disc.  They could have and probably should have been on the first disc to give an understanding of the show before viewing the whole first five series. 

Highly, enjoyable viewing. And it must be said that this is the British equivalent to Sex in the City. The main character is funny and plays the thirty something sassy singer well.  The acting is great, humour excellent and will no doubt have every viewer glued to the TV set each night to watch the whole series.

Linda Green Features

  • Scene Selections
  • Linda's World (Character Bios)


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