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DVD Reviews: Volcano High

The Final Say!

Review Score
Reviewed by Tory Favro
Review Date: April 2004
Distributed by:
The AV Channel
Running Time: 100 minutes





I loved this film! Everyone I've shown it to loves it as well, so I am guessing that you will love it too. Volcano High is part of the awesome Eastern Eye series from The AV Channel and tells the tale of Kim Kyung-Soo, a young man with extraordinary powers who is expelled from school after school and winds up at Volcano High.

What follows is 100 minutes of some of the most entertaining Asian Cinema that you could imagine. Volcano High is a school for the most powerfully supernaturally gifted students in Korea and the melting pot of these powers and egos often mean that there is a fight only moments away each time these powerful kids face each other.

Everything about Volcano High radiates cool, from the way that the film has been shot, through to the awesome effects that take place during the fight scenes, it all adds up to a Must Own title for fans of this type of cinema. Add to the mix a type of comedic humour that shows off a sparky sense of humour that is slightly twisted.

The story isn't too complicated however with only subtitles to rely on, you better make sure that you are paying attention all the way through. Basically the Principal at Volcano High is in possession of a manuscript that will bestow power upon the recipient. When the Principal is struck down by a spell that renders him in a vegetative state, the Vice Principal brings in some super powered teachers to keep the different factions within the student body from ripping the school and each other apart whilst he attempts to find the manuscript. OK, maybe it's a bit complicated after all!

This is the sort of movie that will keep you laughing and stuck to the screen from the start to the very finish. It is engaging, with a pace that ensures a thoroughly entertaining experience that will have everyone talking about it.


This is a great looking movie shown in 16:9 widescreen format. The film has been given a wash that makes everything look a little dark but is highly effective in bringing out picture detail and general moodiness. I loved the way that it looked and cannot fault the transfer.


I loved the fact that this title did NOT have an English soundtrack as often there is a lot lost in a foreign film when there is an English dub, particularly in Asian Cinema where a great movie can quite often become a bit of a farce due to the bad voice acting.

There are three soundtracks here, Korean 5.1, Korean 2.0 and Korean 5.1 DTS for the sound purists out there. The audio though is the only reason that this brilliant flick is not getting a 10. The sound is all over the place and all I can suggest is that you keep a finger on the volume control as it goes up and down the whole time which quite frankly got annoying on the Dolby soundtrack. On a lesser title it would have resulted in a much lower score. The nice thing is that all the channels are put to good use and do sound good when running, especially during battle scenes. It's funny but when doing research for this title I noticed that MTV in America has dubbed this title a hip hop kung fu flick with rappers doing the voices of all the main characters.


Make sure that you watch the extras on this disc to see how the movie comes to life. Of particular interest is the behind the scenes areas where you get to see how dangerous wire-fighting can be with actors getting cut by the wires or dragged with a lot of force into structures. You also will get to see the cast and crew good off a little bit which was a nice touch.

Other extras involve a number of interviews for even more information about the film from the principal players, deleted scenes removed from the final cut and something that I really liked was the ability to watch the feature again with the deleted scenes put into the film. It fleshed out a few parts of the flick which were a little vague.

Behind the Eye was another great feature when you saw the Eastern Eye logo on the screen you could hit enter on your remote to watch some behind the scenes footage at select moments. Another really cool addition.

Finally there were a number of trailer and the standout one here was for The Grudge. Watch even this trailer late enough at night and in the dark and I guarantee you that you are watching between your fingers by the end!

  • Open the Eye

  • Making of Volcano High

  • Deleted Scenes

  • Theatrical Trailers

The Final Say

Get it, Get it, Get it! Did I mention that I really thought you should buy this movie?

- Tory Favro

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