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DVD Reviews: Spriggan

The Final Say!

Review Score
Reviewed by Andrew Bistak
Review Date: 25 July 2002
Distributed by: The AV Channel

One of the most vividly impressive Japanese animated movies of all time that heavily borrows from the Indiana Jones saga and the legend of Noah's Ark. Scattered across the globe are ancient relics that have also been mentioned in the Bible. If these relics fall into the wrong hands, the planet Earth could be in serious trouble. Fortunately for the world, a secret organization known as ARCAM have vowed to protect these relics from the forces of evil that wish to use them to their advantage. The elite agents of ARCAM are known as the Spriggan who are highly trained in all forms of combat and weaponry and are our last hope.

When the legendary Noah's Ark is discovered in eastern Turkey, a mad race ensues between the ARCAM and a military organization that is led by a deadly half human cyborg that is known as the General. The movie is filled with stunning action sequences, comedy and amazing Japanese animation. This movie will draw you into this compelling story and will throw enough twists and plot turns that will leave you wanting more. 

English Voice Director Commentary
16:9 Anamorphic
English & Japanese 5.1 Surround
Motion Menus
Region 4, 2
Feature Length: 90 mins

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