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Feature 9.0
Video 7.0
Audio 7.0
Special Features 7.0
Total 8.5
Distributor: Warner
Running Time:
Classification: M15+
Jamie Kirk


Chuck the Complete First Season

The geek shall inherit the earth. Or, at the very least inherit all of the United States most closely guarded intelligence. That is the premise behind Chuck, a comedy drama from the creator of teen sensation The OC. Zachary Levi plays the man in question, a 26 year old who was kicked out of college, and now spends his time working at a Buy More, a large electronics store. When Chuck receives an email from his old college roommate, he opens it, not expecting it to contain every single file from a super powerful secret agency computer called the Intersect.  Soon after, he begins to see flashes of top secret government intelligence. From here the NSA and CIA are called in to protect Chuck, as he goes from being a simple computer geek, to the most powerful computer in the world.

Chuck is protected by his two handlers, the beautiful Sarah, who becomes his “cover” girlfriend, and the stern Casey who joins him working at the Buy More. They use Chuck on their missions to help beat the bad guys of the world, all while trying to protect his double life.

Chuck has a bit of something for everyone, but should cater especially well to self confessed geeks, or the geeks inside us screaming that Greedo shot first. There is action, sex appeal, and a lot of very funny interactions between the cast. What will endear it to the aforementioned geeks is its celebration of all things nerdy. From Chuck and his best friend Morgan’s love of video games, to Sarah in a Princess Leia costume,  there are many hidden pop culture references that can be glossed over unless one has spent a great deal of time studying film and video games. It is this that lifts Chuck from being a good show to a great one, as it really feels like the writers of the show know their stuff, and aren’t just resorting to typical stereotypes.

The cast are great, though special mention must be made of Levi, who portrays Chuck exceptionally. He is charming, yet dorky, and has just the right mix of fear and heroism in his portrayal of a reluctant spy. Adam Baldwin, who plays Casey must also be mentioned. His snarls, dry humour, and barely contained anger make all his scenes a treat to watch. I could go on about all the cast members, as they all do a great, believable job playing their characters. The guest stars are great too, and for OC and Alias fans, there are a couple of familiar faces popping up.

There are thirteen episodes in season one, and the story progresses nicely throughout the season. Right from the onset there are a few ongoing arcs established. Why did Chuck get expelled from school? Who was his ex roommate? Will Chuck get the Intersect out of his head? Apart from this there is usually a case of the week that Chuck and his team have to solve, and there is also usually a b story which chronicles the goings on at the Buy More. The best episodes are the ones that bring these two together, such as the brilliant finale “Chuck versus the Marlin”. Other standouts are “Chuck versus the Sandworm”, where we see Chuck and Morgan’s love of Dune, and Chuck versus the Nemesis, where Bryce returns and a hilarious Thanksgiving dinner scene occurs with Chucks family and his agency handlers. It is also discovered in this episode that Chuck can speak fairly fluent Klingon.

The disc doesn’t contain many special features, some deleted scenes and gag reel which shows Levi picking his nose and goofing around a lot. The best feature is Chuck on Chuck, where stars Levi and Joshua Gomez and creators Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak do commentary over their favourite scenes of the season. It is highly enjoyable, if only to see the banter between the four as it clearly looks like they get on really well, share a few similarities to their counterparts and really enjoy making the show.

Chuck is a great show. It contains a perfect blend of action and comedy and also has an ongoing mystery that will keep viewers coming back to find out exactly what is going to happen. The romance between Chuck and Sarah is handled expertly, and the romance between Chuck and Morgan is handled hilariously. Chuck comes highly recommended to anyone who likes video game references, Star Wars references, comedy, action, or just damn good TV in general.

Chuck Versus the Helicopter
Chuck Versus the Tango
Chuck Versus the Wookie
Chuck Versus the Sizzling Shrimp
Chuck Versus the Sandworm
Chuck Versus the Alma Mater
Chuck Versus the Truth
Chuck Versus the Imported Hard Salami
Chuck Versus the Nemesis
Chuck Versus the Crown Vic
Chuck Versus the Undercover Lover
Chuck Versus the Marlin


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