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DVD Reviews: Point Break

The Final Say!

Feature Score:
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Reviewed by Dean Malandrini
Review Date: 18 May 2003
Distributed by:
Magna Pacific
Running Time: 120 Minutes

Just as Keanu Reeves’ career kicks off comes Point Break, Reeves is an undercover FBI rookie who actually goes under his real name Johnny Utah, Johnny has been assigned to bank robbery division.  With his over the hill over weight partner (Gary Busey) they must crack the most wanted bank robbers known, The EX Presidents. 

The EX Presidents have been robbing approximately four banks a year, Johnny’s partner has a theory in the professional bank robbers that is that they are surfers.  The bank robberies only happen in the summer, obviously to fund their endless summer of surfing, the robbers use old masks of four Ex United States Presidents as their cover, hens the name. 

Johnny is sent out to infiltrate the gang that is responsible for the attacks, narrowed it down to one particular beach front Johnny begins to surf hoping to get in with the right men.  Upon learning to surf he meets up with an adrenaline junkie surfer known as Bodhi (Patrick Swayze), as the summer progresses Johnny and Bodhi become best of friends.  With this new influence, Johnny becomes drawn into Bodhi’s world of surfing parting and adrenaline attitude, little does he know that the bank robbers he so eagerly sought after know exactly who he is.   

The acting is a little ho hum, you can still see a bit of Bill and Ted in Reeves’ acting technique especially when he says radical.  Swayze’s acting on the other hand is quite good considering his movie stature, not being the biggest block buster movie actor he still performs fantastically on the small screen.  For a movie that was made some time ago (early nineties) it has aged very well, except for the few instances where they say radical as if it was the greatest word in the English language.   

You can tell that all stunts where filmed on location, there is no need for fake sounds or added background sounds, the odd dog bark and growl are sufficient when they’re in the ghetto.  Picture quality was “radical” all the way through the film and definitely DVD worthy, the difference from my old VHS version to the DVD is  absolutely noticeable.  Extras included original trailer, and I’m not even sure if scene selection should be classed as that it one of the great things abut DVD’s in general.  Movie was a real master piece but extras sucked man.

Point Break Features

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