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Yakuza: Like A Dragon PS4 Review

November 5th, 2020 | by Abdul Saad

Though we’ve had a fair amount of re-releases and even a spectacular spin-off, it’s been a while since we’ve had ...

No Straight Roads PS4 Review

September 19th, 2020 | by Abdul Saad

It’s been a while since we’ve had a game that fully leans towards the unique side. Luckily, developer Metronomik’s latest ...

Mortal Shell PS4 Review

August 31st, 2020 | by Abdul Saad

The Souls genre has been a prevalent part of the industry for quite some time now. Since the release of ...

Fairy Tail PS4 Review

August 9th, 2020 | by Abdul Saad

Fairy Tail has been a long-running series since its manga creation by Hiro Mashima in 2007. It quickly grew to ...

Project Warlock Xbox One Review

June 21st, 2020 | by Abdul Saad

From developer Buckshot Software comes Project Warlock, a high octane heavily pixelated retro FPS game similar to entries such as ...

Sakura Wars PS4 Review

May 25th, 2020 | by Abdul Saad

While the west recently received a new installation to the beloved Sakura Wars franchise, the series has been around for ...

Trials of Mana PS4 Review

May 15th, 2020 | by Abdul Saad

With the legacy and success of the Seiken Densetsu games in Japan, otherwise known as Trials of mana in the ...

Resident Evil 3 PS4 Review

April 7th, 2020 | by Abdul Saad

After the successful launch of the highly beloved Resident Evil 2 Remake, Capcom dared to dream again by giving fans ...

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