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The Super Mario Bros. Movie Review … the Melbourne IMAX 3D Experience!

If you live in Melbourne Australia or its surrounding suburbs and you love Super Mario, then you are in for a real treat courtesy of IMAX Melbourne that boasts one of the largest screens in the Southern Hemisphere that when matched with its 3D capabilities, it creates a truly immersive and almost video game experience for the brand new The Super Mario Bros. Movie. While some critics hate it, the fans love it and considering there is 42-years of video games history to draw inspiration from, this film is jam packed with Super Mario Easter Eggs, including Donkey Kong.

In terms of story, The Super Mario Bros. Movie would not look out of place in one of the games, however it has been changed to appeal for a more modern audience, including those with just a brief familiarity of this video game legacy. Additionally, kids will immediately be drawn to the characters and colourful settings. Controversially, gone is the over the top Italian accent made famous by Charles Martinet, however its been added to an in-movie commercial and yes, all the one-liners are still there. Personally, the original clichéd accent would have hampered the delivery.

Set in present-day Brooklyn, The Super Mario Bros. Movie tells the story of the titular Italian brothers, Mario (Chris Pratt) and Luigi (Charlie Day). They are two struggling plumbers striving to be the best they can be as they desperately try to get their plumbing business up and running. After one disastrous failure on their first call, the two brothers are down in the dumps. However, a burst water main is shown on broadcast news, which leads the brothers down the sewers to fix the problem and to save Brooklyn. But the burst water main is the least of their problems once they discover a water pipe that transports them into another world on the brink of destruction from the evil Bowser (Jack Black).

In a serendipitous fashion, the brothers and their new allies, Princess Peach (Anya Taylor-Joy) and Toad (Keegan Michael-Key), must save the day. It’s clichéd, over the top but remember, it is based on a 42-year old video game franchise so it actually works. While Bowser threatens the Mushroom Kingdom, Princess Peach and Mario recruit the Donkey Kong country as the films ends with a final “boss” battle and a larger than life cinematic spectacular as our heroes succeed. All in all, one for fans, lovers of CGI, video games and of course kids.

The animation from Illumination Studios looks remarkably faithful to the source material and the musical score by Brian Tyler pays loving homage to the memorable themes by Koji Kondo. The settings, sound effects, and Easter eggs are all accurately recreated and should please fans of the game series. On the giant screen at IMAX Melbourne and with 3D visuals, it’s an overabundance of colours and “power ups”, just like the games which really pops and makes it feel like you are part of this video game movie. Again, it’s an experience at IMAX Melbourne.

Final Thoughts?

If you live in Melbourne Australia or its surrounding suburbs and you want a fun family day out, check out The Super Mario Bros. Movie at IMAX Melbourne that successfully delivers a very immersive cinematic experience of one of the world’s most known video game characters.

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