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Great Bear Rainforest 3D (2019) Review

Great Bear Rainforest 3D (2019) Review Tim Chuma

Summary: "I'm sure you're wondering why I'm in the mouth of the bear... Well let me take you back to when..."


Golden bear

In this documentary we explore the world of the Great Bear Rainforest on the Pacific Coast on North America, cut off from the rest of the world and managed by the indigenous people of the land. There is a golden bear that is sort of the main character, but there are also people involved too.

As with Werner Herzog’s the Cave of Forgotten Dreams this movie allows you to explore a landscape you would not to be able to do yourself without a lot of trouble. Even though the bear is really fluffy, you can’t touch it if you reach out for it, believe me I tried.

This session was very popular due to being the school holidays and it goes from just the right amount of time. There is also a great message about sustainable management of resources and the indigenous population being guardians of the land for over 10,000 years.

“I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m in the mouth of the bear… Well let me take you back to when…”

There is some great scenery all in 3D and great camera work on display here as they manage to get right up to the bears splashing in the water with a lot of patience over the more than a year it took to film and months to get one particular shot.

Stay during the credits for some of the outtakes including wolves trying to eat the camera, running off with equipment and a grizzly attacking the rig.

I would recommend this film to anyone who likes seeing the natural environment and it is not going to be shown outside of IMAX so this is the only way to see it.

IMAX Film details

Director: Ian McAllister

Narrated by: Ryan Reynolds

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