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Sofia Letyago Cosplay Interview

We interview the amazing Sofia Letyago from Russia to talk about all things cosplay and more!

So tell us what drew you to cosplay?

It was the photoshoot of the White Queen from Alice in Wonderland which became a bomb on the internet and that’s how I understood that I needed to continue cosplaying.

Who was the first character you cosplayed and why did you choose them?

The very first cosplay was Alessandro from Trinity Blood and I chose them because I love the most difficult challenges in everything I do! <LOL>

Star Wars Episode II

Sophie Letyago as Padme Amidala
Sunji as Obi-Wan Kenobi
Elderbat as Anakin Skywalker

Tell us about your awesome Padmé Amidala cosplay and photoshoot?

I am the biggest fan of Star Wars universe and my love to Padme Amidala and Natalie Portman is eternal. So, it was my dream to try to make Padme and here we go and also people say that I have something familiar with Natalie as well. We have been preparing for the photoshoot for like several months and it was really a big job. In any case, Padme stays my favourite cosplay for now.

You’ve cosplayed some awesome gaming characters like Cammy White (Street Fighter 5), Nova (StarCraft II) and Sonya Blade (Mortal Kombat), what made you cosplay them and which one did you enjoy the most?

Sometimes I love to make sexy women that can beat you if you look at them in a wrong way :) That’s why I’ve made these strong ladies.

I think, Sonya Blade is my favourite, because she is not only a battle machine, but also a beautiful woman and mother in the end.

Whats been your most difficult costume to create?

I think it was Nova and also she is not very comfortable to wear :C

Tell about your favourite cosplay photoshoot?

They are like children to me, so it’s difficult to say that one of them is the best. I think, Moira O’Hara is one of the most beautiful, probably.

What’s your funniest cosplay story?

When we were shooting Mermaid from One Piece, it was so hilarious to be unable to move! People had to carry me with their hands to move me from one place to another. Same story at the con as I was moved on a piece is tissue :D

You also played Quiet from Metal Gear Solid which is another perfect rendition of this character, what did you enjoy most about this cosplay?

Thank you! I loved to cosplay her. It was interesting to shoot, because on the photos it looks like a hot Afghanistan day. In the reality, it was already Autumn and from one day to another we were expecting snow as it was like 5 degree above zero. So, the only thing I could do to warm myself up is to move very active like in a real battle :D The sands helped me to feel the atmosphere but in Moscow, it is not easy to find such an imitation for a desert.

Besides gaming, you also cosplayed American Horror Story, what made you move into a TV series?

My cosplay mostly consists of gaming characters and movie characters. I also cosplayed Daenerys and Mathilda from Leon. Well, it doesn’t depend on the source in general but if I like the character, I will cosplay but if I don’t, I don’t make a cosplay.

Lastly who do you hope to cosplay in 2017?

Its a really big secret, but shortly I am going to launch my Patreon and upload really a lot of content! Some Star Wars interesting shoots (Slave Leia) and Overwatch are expected :3

Hope to see you on my page!

Sofia Letyago Cosplay

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