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Red Rock Cosplay & Props Interview

Welcome to Impulse Gamer Red Rock Cosplay & Props (aka Michael), so how did you become involved in cosplay?

A few years back when 3D printing was still in its infancy, a guy I work with built a printer from scratch. I asked if he’d be up for printing something for me and he agreed so I started looking around, trying to find something cool to print. I found a prosthetic hand with articulated joints that looked pretty cool, which expanded my search and led me to The RPF, a forum full of movie and game enthusiasts who build their own props, costumes and memerobelia from their favorite fandoms. I found one guy who build an amazing Warhammer 40k Space marine with a power fist, and I was inspired! I wanted to see if I could build one of my own, but from my corner of the game universe, Starcraft. It started simple and kept escalating until I was hip deep in EVA foam and hot glue!

Where do you get your inspirations from?

As soon as I saw the announcement trailer for SC Wings of Liberty, where they assemble the suit and power it up for the first time, I fell in love the the design. It’s larger than life, tons of moving parts, and pretty unique.

Who was the first character you cosplayed?

This suit, actually is the first thing I’ve ever built. I threw a couple Halloween costumes together as a kid, but until now I knew almost nothing about the Cosplay community.

What was it like playing Jim Raynor from Starcraft?

His story has always intrigued me; lost love, impossible opposition, always on the run, but backed by loyal friends, massive firepower, and an unbreakable spirit. There’s something about literally stepping into the shoes of such a great hero that sends a chill down your spine. I think for a first timer, that feeling of being recognized as that character is so satisfying and overwhelming, it’s a feeling you just can’t get anywhere else.

Biggest challenge in creating the costume?

I’d say my biggest challenge was building everything from scratch, with no previous experience. Templates don’t exist for this guy, and there’s very few really good references out there that show correct proportions and locations of features, so it was lots of shooting from the hip. I’ve never worked with wiring electronics before so the servos, fans and LEDs were a bit of a learning curve as well.

Most rewarding aspect?

Being able to look back at what I’ve done and feel that sense of achievement and pride. I’ve built something from nothing, gained knowledge and skills along the way, and found a whole community that I feel as though I finally fit into.

What feedback have you gotten at cons?

My first con was Salt Lake Comic Con 2016, my home town! After suiting up for the first time, it took me nearly an hour to walk 200 yards. I’d have to stop every other step for another photo op! I did enter the contest there, and even managed to walk away with Best in Show. I suppose I did something right!

You love video games, what’s been your favourite of 2016?

I do love them, but until Starcraft 2 came out, I hadn’t played for several years. That game really brought me back into the gaming scene. Since then my favorites have been Guild Wars 2 and Titanfall 2. Hmm maybe there’s something about sequels….

All time favourite video game?

Oh wow there were so many… I’d have to say any game with a great story driven single player mode. Starcraft, Uncharted, the Arkham series and the like.

What advice would you give people wanting to cosplay?

There’s a virtually unlimited amount of resources available to everyone out there. Get out, learn something and apply that knowledge, and make your dream – as crazy as people may tell you it is – a reality!  Push the limits and try to do something no one has yet and make the community of Cosplay and fandom in general a more colorful place.

Tell us your funniest con story?

A good friend of mine was with us at my first Con, he used to work security at the local animal shelter. Another attendee in costume started some pretty crude actions behind me as I was walking around in the suit, so my friend goes into full on bouncer mode and tossed the guy across the room. I missed the whole thing but I’m told Hollywood usually uses wires for that kind of distance!

Lastly, what does 2017 hold for you?

I’ve got a few builds going on right now, mostly hand held props but there may be another slightly less complicated full costume coming in the future. Who knows! I’m always looking for inspiration!

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