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Katey Key Cosplay Interview

We catch-up with Spanish cosplayer and self-confessed geek model (Katey Key) who loves video games (especially The Legend of Zelda), drawing, watching movies and reading books!

Welcome to Impulse Gamer Kate and tell us what drew you to cosplay?

Me !<laugh> Well the Internet. When I was little I saw many videos and pictures of people who cosplayed, but I did not know that later on I would start getting more interested in what these people were doing which was when I discovered cosplay.

This is a tough question but if you could choose your five favourite cosplays, who would they be?

Oh no! <laugh> All are like my babies that I care for a lot but I think my favorites would be Akali, Sonya, Sylvanas, Nidalee and my Diablo 3 wizard.

What’s the best thing you like about cosplay?

I think that without doubt the best thing about cosplay is to meet people with the same tastes that allows you to enjoy it more!

Is there anything that annoys you?

Of course, many people are more concerned about telling you negative comments, creating bad times for cosplayers or bullying so that you don’t reach your goals. You should try to do your own job well and ascend on its own merits. I always say HAKUNA MATATA, live and let live, in the sense that everyone worries about their work and avoid having to say bad things to the others and if someone has a problem, they should talk and fix it!

Tell us what the cosplay scene is like in Spain?

Actually? It is not good and in the professional field it is horrible, many companies treat us as if we were a group of clowns or geeks with a hobby. They offer to work for them free or  the “love to the art” and they try to take advantage of it instead of hiring you and paying you for your cosplay as they do in other countries. The excuse they tell you is that you gain prestige and fame, but you do not live from fame and cosplay is not paid with prestige.

This unprofessional environment is like the rest of hobbies, you find people who welcome you with open arms wanting to have fun and make lots of photos and people who are not so kind.

What’s been your most difficult costume to create?

I think that surely a challenge for me was my cosplay on Elise Bloodmoon (a very old cosplay) and my Diablo 3 Wizard which had many details. One bracelet had 36 pieces to place them on the base and it was a challenge to do it, paint it and put it on! Also my Sonya cosplay was difficult because it was the first time that I did such a big cosplay!

Tell us about your Sindragosa cosplay?

Well I did it for the Madrid Games Week a couple of years ago. I was very excited to do it because I went with more friends from World of Warcraft and it was an incredible experience! I had to do it in only two weeks because I had tests and I did not have time. I was working until 3 in the morning on the same day to finish it and my train left at 7 in the morning. <laugh> Sindragosa is also my favorite dragon of the universe of Blizzard. For me it represents the same as a Phoenix, a being that is already dead but will be reborn with more strength and I wanted to represent this.

You’re also a gamer,what are you playing at the moment and are you excited for the Nintendo Switch?

OF COURSE! At the moment, I am playing quite a lot of Heroes of the Storm, The Legend of Zelda and Dragon Quest.

As Final Fantasy is back on the gaming radar, was it fun playing Tifa?

Yeah! Tifa is a character that I have always liked and wanted to cosplay her! I intend to cosplay many characters from Final Fantasy like Yuna or Fran!

So what kind of person are you Katey?

I think I am a kind and amusing person. I am the first one who will help people when they have some problem and the first one who says thanks when I’ve been helped, and whenever I can do something for my friends I do not doubt it!

Who do you hope to cosplay in 2017?

Now I work on my WoW Tyrande cosplay and OW’s Tracer, but I hope to make more cosplays of League of Legends and to keep me happy, games like The Legend of Zelda, Tekken, Mortal Kombat etc., will have pending projects!

I am also in cosplay groups with many friends and I am very excited!

Thank you for the interview!

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