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Katerina Cry Interview

Who was the first character that you cosplayed?

Alice Liddell from “Alice: Madness Returns“.

Where do you get your ideas from to cosplay?

I just search for the character that is really interesting for me like their nature, costume, the setting where they live and all that.

When you saw yourself in the mirror for the first time in cosplay, what did you think?

“Aw my God, it’s just totally awful”

Your Emily Kaldwin cosplay is perfect, what made you want to cosplay her?

I love Dishonored, the first game yet I still haven’t played the second one as I don’t have it. Previously I wanted to cosplay her mother, Jessamine Kaldwin, but at that time, the first trailer came out for Dishonored 2 and when I saw Emily’s costume, I just fell in love with it.

Was it difficult in creating the costume and make-up for her?

Everything – jacket pattern, Emily’s figure, her hair and especially the fact that in real life I’m much smaller than her in every way – my height, my facial structure etc.

What’s your favourite video game of all-time?

Usually I say “Morrowind” just because it was first game that struck me right in the heart!

Tell us what you LOVE about Dishonored?

The design. I adore it. Just all the shapes, colors, and style – it’s amazing.

What was is it like cosplaying Merril from Dragon Age?

Very much fun. I love Dragon Age and I had big cosplay project planned with my friends about Dragon Age but playing Merrill was just… challenging plus walking barefoot at every convention isn’t easy.

What’s your funniest cosplay story?

Probably the one about me getting undressed from my Merrill costume the first time – it was so tight that I needed the help of 4 people. One of them just to hold me, another to hold my chair, and the other 2 tried to get off my tricot. All of us just laughed so hard and made so many funny noises that we kind of sounded like weird porn!

Your Alice cosplay is amazing as well, was it difficult to create her costume?

It was my first serious cosplay, and probably was the most difficult to make.

What did you love about cosplay Alice?

Playing her – her eyes, her kind of dolly madness, and, of course, her knife. I just love it!

Lastly, who do you hope to cosplay in 2017?

For now, I really have no idea – lots of plans, but none of them serious. So wait and see!

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